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Early in the 80's MTV released a music video of a song called "Video Killed the Radio Star" due to the onset of music videos. We thought then the radio will be, well killed, yet several decades on and the radio still persists. Now, downloadable MP3's, MP4's, TV Shows and movies and some of us are thinking that the CD, DVD and Blu-ray will meet the fate of the now retired casettes tapes, beta max and VHS. But we think not, Cds, DVDs and Blu-rays may not be as hipster and vintage chic as the vinyl but we believe tht we will still be having them for a while. Instead of just being a format from which to listen music to music from, CDs are now collectors items. Now, most CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray comes with covers and boxes that are filled with bonuses, artwork and sometimes even signatures from the artist or the director. In terms of quality, the Blu-Ray still paves the way for full HD quality movies which downloadable movies cannot offer. Movies in Blu-ray, especially those in 3D or those with vast amounts of special effects looks better and more crisp when they come from Blu-ray discs.

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With increasing internet speed and easily downloadable MP3's, MP4's and movies online, we'd think that the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray format of music and moveis are close to extinction. However, a lot of still finds it nice to have physical copies of our favorite songs, be it pop, rock, RandB, Soul, Kpop or movies and TV series, your favorite Korea novela or all Breaking Bad seasons and episodes. CD's, DVD's and Blu-ray allows for more flexibility, watch a movie whenever you want and choose which language you want to watch it from (easily switch between languages too!). CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray are more than just movies, music and songs, most of them are now limited edition collector's items that mostly contains addiditonal commentaries from the cast, asrtist and directors. Most hard to find music and movies online can easily be found in CD, DVD and Blu-ray form.

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