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The amazing world of action movies

An action movie is a film genre that typically has hero driven story, where the audience follows the main character through a variety of intense and complicated situations he or she may encounter along the way. In most cases the titular character is fighting for a noble cause and is faced with life-threatening situations caused by a villain and is often against incredible odds against him.

Who watches action movies?

The action movies gather a wide range of audience, mostly because of the spectacular action and fighting sequences that appeal to many demographic groups, from teenagers to adult individuals. Action movies are often filmed on spectacular locations with very big budgets and are released as summer blockbusters.

Famous action movie heroes

Action movies have often achieved cult status among the audience, and have made international stars out of the actors. People like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Jackie Chan among others are famous action heroes. Of course, let us not forget local favorites such as Lito Lapid, the late Fernando Poe jr., and Robin Padilla.

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