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Kpop and Asian Music: No Need for Translations


Kpop and other Asian music, where should we begin? Well, as the name suggests, this is a musical genre originating from Asia and South Korea (hence the K in pop). Though most Kpop and Asian music are "popular music" they are mostly comprised of pop ballad, electro, dance pop, rock-ish, Hip-Hop and RandB which are mostly sang or performed in Korean or insert other appropriate Asian language here. Kpop and other Asian artists and songs first gained popularity in the Philippines through the various and highly succesful Asia novela and Korea Novela aired in prime time TV and also probably because of your Korean neighbor who is in the Philippines to study English. Kpop and Asian pop music's spread was also heavily influenced by the various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Known for the very intricately choreaographed accompanying dances, Kpop and Asian pop music also enjoyed exposure through various national TV dance competitions as well as Baranggay talent shows. Asian pop music and Kpop in particular enjoy the distinction of being South Korea's greatest Export according to Time magazine.


Ambassadors of Kpop


Asian pop artists, especially Kpop artist now dominate the Philippine airwaves. Korean boybands such as BigBang, Super Junior, 1TYM, and many more commands legions of fans, both young and old and regardless of gender in the Philippines. Fans even go so far as to know every new "trainee" of South Korea's biggest boyband factory YG Entertainment. Kore Novela's with Rain, Jang Keun Suk, Hyorin and many others serves as a major platform in promoting more Kpop. Their siganture catchy tunes which we don't even care whether we understand it or not, continues to top the charts. Even Justin Bieber wants a piece of the Kpop action as he collaborates with BigBang's G-Dragon in an upcoming single.


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