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How Hip Hop came to be

Hip hop is an artistic movement that started in the US between the latino and african communities and has 4 main pillars: MC, Dj, Breakdance and the graffiti. This music genre called rap, was developed as part of the hip hop culture, meaning rap is hip hop, and hip hop is the whole subculture.

Rap and hip-hop, who came first?

Rap comes from “Rhythm and Poetry” where the rhymes and the word play are main point. It can be a capella, but is usually accompanied with a rhythm known as beat, and singers are known as MC (Master of Ceremonies). The lyrics go with flow, those are the rhythms created by the words and syllables that go on top of the beats, is the way the MC adapts to the beat. Rap, Hip-hop and RandB can be pop should it reach mass appeal.

OVer the years rap music has evolved into many different variety, if you must, depending on the place the MC was born, for example the rivalry between the US East and West coast started because different MCs, anyway the topics have been always similar: poverty, love, money, violence, sex and drugs. Some of the big MCs are Tupac, Dj Afrika Bambaata, Public Enemy, 50 Cent, Ice T or Dr. Dre. Rap and hip-hop is far reaching and now even Aisan artists especially Kpop artists are also becoming known rap and hip-hop artists.

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