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Features of Pentax Cameras

Pentax is one of the leading suppliers of electronic units like digital cameras to amateur and professional photographers. The company was started in the year 1919 and launched their first SLR camera during the 1950s. Pentax has developed many ranges of cameras from compact digital cameras to high-end DSLRs to meet every kind of photography need. Given below are features of different Pentax camera lines.

Compact Pentax cameras

Compact Pentax camera line is a range of sturdy cameras designed to withstand different conditions. The cameras are weather proof and water proof, and have a hard outer shell that makes them suitable for rough use. The cameras have a bright 4x optical zoom and shake reduction system. The cameras are equipped with backlit 16mp CMOS sensor, wireless recharging and GPS functions. Compact Pentax cameras have unique designs and are available in different colors.

Hybrid Pentax cameras

Hybrid cameras from Pentax redefine the art of photography by combining latest technologies with best ideas. The cameras are similar to compact cameras but enable the user to change lenses. The cameras offer the image quality of an SLR and the operation of a compact camera. Hybrid cameras from Pentax have 12.4mp CMOS sensors, Q-Mount System, 1018p HD video capability, lightweight and 30 fps capturing ability. The cameras are a perfect blend of high-end photography and easy operation.

Digital Pentax SLRs

Pentax digital SLRs offer great flexibility and image quality. The cameras are easy to use and have the performance requirements and features that any photography enthusiast would want in his camera. Pentax DSLR cameras are equipped with 16mp CMOS sensors, image noise reduction capability, auto-focus and 11 point Safox, 3 inch LCD screen with live view capability, and weather proof design to withstand different conditions.

More Pentax cameras

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