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Why invest in video cameras?

A video camera allows you to capture all those special memories and will bring you many hours of pleasure. Well made hand held video recorders are simple to use and most top brands have models that are suitable for beginners as well as for professional photographers. Finding the right type of camera couldn't be easier thanks to the impressive selection available online, and you'll find video cameras with all the features you want like built in viewfinders or microphones from all the leading names in digital photography.

Canon XH A1

What to look for in your camera

There are so many great cameras to choose from today, and digital single-lens reflex cameras or DSLR cameras are a popular choice with more experienced users. These cameras combine the features of a single lens reflex with digital image sensors rather than film and it is this reflex design that differentiates a DSLR model from other types of digital camera. These cameras capture scenes in great detail and with exceptional clarity.

The birth of a child is one of the most common reasons people give for their decision to invest in a video camcorder. Everyone wants to record all those special moments as their little one grows, and JVC have come up with the GZ-N1W BabyMovie Full HD Memory Camcorder with exactly those times in mind. This is a terrific example of a camera that is easy to use and which is also simple to keep clean - a bonus when you're working with kids. It also has a unique rounded design, so no sharp corners that can hurt a child. The BabyMovie is also said to be the smallest and lightest camcorder of its type, but it still has impressive specifications. Those who want a more professional camera for video use may be interested in the Panasonic AG-AF102A AVCCAM HD, a superior professional camera with a unique four thirds type image sensor, or the Canon XF300 which is ideal for news or documentary film making. Whether you're an expert or a complete beginner there is a camcorder to suit your needs. Choose one that's portable and light, or invest in a good carry bag for larger models to ensure that you never again miss important occasions and events.

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