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Laptops: Keeping Your Productive Anywhere, All the Time

Gone are the days when powerful computing is confined to your desk, in a bulky box attached to a screen that will never fit a handbag. These days mobile computers (that aren't smartphones) are readily within reach. No matter what the demands of your profession is, there is one very portable yet powerful computer for you. There are those with double digit RAMs, multi-core, lightning speed processors, and top of the line graphic cards designed for gamers and graphic professionals. Business devices which are pre-installed with enterprise friendly software are also there, and of course we have affordable once made for first time users or budget conscious consumers.

Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, ASUS, Acer, HP, Toshiba, Dell, and many more carries several models and types. They have lines for every price range, purpose, size, processor type, and operating systems. They cover everything from small netbooks, to convertible tablets, up to wide screened MacBooks and gaming stations. Some of them even offer customization of some device's processor type, hard drive, RAM capacity, external drives, and other features that will allow for further customization of your notebook.

Lenovo Thinkpad S531

There's a wide selection of Hybrids, Touchscreens, Detachables, Ultrabooks, MacBooks, and Chromebooks ensuring that you will surely find one that will meet all your requirements and wants in a manner that is more pragmatic and more practical than modern tablets. Are you looking for something ultra-responsive and ultra-sleek? Then perhaps you might want to look at Ultrabooks. These devices offers elegant design aesthetics without sacrificing computing and processing power. Want something more solid and has the same computing power as your reliable desktop? Then perhaps you'd prefer a MacBook Pro or one of Lenovo's latest business device. There are literally thousands of choices.


This type or class of portable computers is the optimal blend of the responsiveness and smart capabilities. Products in this line of laptops are powered by Intel's Core processors offering you a full PC performance in a very slim and stylish form factor. Very responsive, these devices will switch on and power up within the blink of an eye. Edit presentations, stream videos, and multitask at unbelievable speeds and without any disturbances. This range also boasts of some of the best displays in the market coupled with extended battery life (some running up to 20 hours on one charge). These devices can handle immersive gaming and serious work loads whenever and wherever. They are also very secured thanks to Intel's built-in security technologies that will enable you to keep your online activities, files, and identity safe.

2-in-1 Computers

These mini purveyors of productivity are, as the name suggests, a tablet and a laptop. Also known as hybrids, these gadgets will easily switch from being an entertainment-centric tablet to a highly productive and powerful notebook. Flip, detach, re-attach, you will "inclined" to agree that they can be molded into whatever you need and do whatever you want it to do. This is a concept that even traditional OEMs like HP and Dell are now embracing.


They are surprisingly affordable, well built, and based on the Linux OS, this new range is on the rise and are consistently topping our list of bestsellers. Devices in this line update their OS automatically and for free making sure that you always have the latest version, they come with all your favorite mobile applications and productivity softwares eliminating the need to install them and worse, purchase them, and they keep your files (all types! including photos, videos, music, and documents) safely backed up online. Though extremely affordable, this line of notebooks boasts top of the line processors and other specifications. If your concern is compatibility with another OS, worry not. You can easily open, edit, and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and even KeyNote and Number files on this affordable gem of a device. The line's battery life is also nothing short of impressive and it is among the most secure devices online.

Samsung Chromebook

Windows Devices

Still the majority in the laptop market, these devices offer the most compatibility with most programs. Newer versions of this OS now sport a tablet friendly interface to accommodate hybrids, ultrabooks and touchscreen models but it is still the same OS most of you are familiar with and love. Microsoft also recently introduced free upgrades to those who owns legal copies of their software allowing you to save even more. Most top brands' flagships still run this OS and it is still the notebook of choice for most establishments, businesses, students, and gamers.


Still considered elite, Apple's line of Pros and Air are mostly relatively expensive, even their entry-level devices. The brand enjoys a very good reputation of having the best quality and best design. Though the line has yet to introduce hybrids and touchscreens, they are still the top choice of consumers, at least those who can afford them. These devices features an OS (which is also free and is regularly updated at no extra cost) that takes design and functionality cues from their popular line of iPhones and iPads. They come with iCloud which synchronizes your data among all your iDevices and applications like iMessage which allows you to respond to chat messages sent to your iPhone through your laptop. The line has expanded from being a graphic professional favorite to becoming the DJ's choice to becoming one of the most used business and school computer.

Macbook Pro

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