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Tablets: A New World of Entertainment


Known for their capacitive touchscreen capabilities, portable size that bridges the gap between the smartphone handiness and computer power, as well as their functionalities, tablets have truly found the sweet spot in the personal electronic market.

Since the Ipad's’ release in 2010, tablet popularity has boomed. With 30% of people owning a portable handheld computer, the market is still nowhere near saturation. Demand and availability is steadily increasing, with new avenues previously unimagined opening up for tablet usage as user experience creates new ways to make the most of the devices. With a generation of children practically raised on playing on their parents electronic devices, tablets are radically transforming the landscape of the ways that we live and learn. Let’s take a look at the ways in which tablets matter for the future of not only entertainment, but of adult productivity and learning too.

Storytelling & Web Browsing

The tablet - heralded as the destroyer of books while simultaneously becoming an enabler of reading and storytelling for the young and old, there was a mixed reaction to the surge of popularity from the literary world. People use tablets to read more than any other electronic device. While book sales may have taken a plummet with the release of the Kindle series and with the tablets e-reading capabilities, people are reading more than than ever thanks to tablets, as studies show that the majority of usage is via published content - such as news articles, web content and e-books. This has lead developers to completely revolutionise storytelling. Now with electronic devices you can interact with the story ways unimaginable previously. This is helped immensely by the huge success of the apps market giving more people more avenues to develop interesting, interactive storytelling games. Of course, the popularity of the Kindle app goes to show that reading and literature will never die, though our mediums will change.

Productivity and Learning Devices

Most unexpectedly for an entertainment device, tablets are increasingly being used for productivity in the workplace, organisation of the personal life and for educational purposes. Intel claimed that their worker productivity went up by 57 minutes a day thanks to the introduction of the devices. They can be used for sharing ideas easily around the office with screen sharing, or simply being passed. Now there are launched specially focused “Pro” lines geared for the office worker and the freelancer, capitalising on this new found way of working. Architects, graphic designers and photographers can find them hugely beneficial for their work, allowing them to work on site rather than go back to an office space with the sketching and drawing apps. With iOS and Android apps geared towards time keeping, weight loss and fitness tracking, calendars and reminders tablets become a form of personal assistant. As mentioned, young children are getting used to learning on a screen, and a tablet would make learning much more interactive, much more participatory and most importantly, more fun.

Gaming, Apps, Movie Watching

Of course, they were originally conceived for media consumption, and this is one aspect that has remained strong. Whether lying in bed or waiting at a bus stop, it is great to pass the time with one. Not all tablets are created equally, however, so make sure that you get the right one for you. Going to be using it more for watching movies around the home? Perhaps the larger 10 inch tablets are for you. Go high definition to really make the most of gaming. Using it to touch up photos for work? You need one tailored for professionals that comes with a stylus, like the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. If you are going to be using it for reading while commuting, for instance, you won’t need a top of the range, luxury product, but would do better with the smaller 7 inch devices with a cheaper lower definition display.

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