Samsung Tablets: Best prices in Philippines (127 Items found)

Samsung Tablets: Excellent Range and Diverse Style

It is quite surprising how the Samsung devices has rapidly developed since its inception. The first model produced by the Korean company emerged on 2nd September 2010, and since then several models have been released featuring varied display sizes so that a wide choice is available for the tasks of using email, checking Facebook, video chatting or watching TV shows. Here we have a preview of the available variants available in Philippines.

The Galaxy Note vs Tab Series vs Tab S

Samsung have been noted to be the only serious competition to the iPad, and have been raking in rave reviews since they release of their first edition Tab series. The models look stylish, they aren’t clunky at all unlike some of the tablets currently on the market. Coupled with this they offer outstanding functionality and enhanced usability, meaning that each user can make the most of the latest technology with confidence. The intuitive design and features of the new Note tablets builds on the success of the previous Samsung Tab series. This series is marketed more towards those who want pen computing as each comes ready equipped with a Stylus for digital scrapbooking, making notes directly on screen or sketching. Finally, take a look at the latest offering the Tab S range which has been optimised especially for content consumption such as movie watching and web browsing.

Go Pro: Serious Business

The Pro range was released after it became evident that tablets had more use than just for playing and watching movies portably. Huge potential could be reached if this technology was successfully harnessed within the working environment. By now of course, most businesses provide tablets for their PA’s and those who need to do a lot of organisation. The self employed particularly benefit from them, and designers and architects would benefit especially from the Note Pro with the added benefit of the Stylus and being able to make amendments to projects on site.

Mix of Tablets

Top of the Range Features for Less

The software products in Samsung mobile devices is top-notch and you will notice that the latest Android version is not what the product relies on but rather the producer places its own software on top the most recent version of Android to create a unique experience that factors in the various ways that users interact with the product. The Premium Suite Upgrade is an example of own software, and it performs the task of anticipating what app a user might need based on their actions with the tablet. The price is quite affordable and the company's series of devices can fit into any budget. This ensures that whatever tablet you decide to buy, they will always have the latest customised software to ensure that your experience remains fluid and easy to use.

Convenient Choice of Sizes and Colour

The smaller tablets are fitted with cellular connectivity thus offering full usability while still maintaining a low price -it is one of the things that customers will be pleased with while seeking the right tablet in this website. Innovation is crucial in the design of gadgets such as galaxy tabs and several other mobile computer devices in the market. The highest sized tablets, around 12inches, are within the higher price bracket, but their beautifully sleek, thin casing means that they remain a pleasure to handle. The devices, like most Samsung products are offered in Dazzling White and Titanium. The designs of the tablets are all recognisably Samsung, with the classic smooth curves and balanced shape that never fails to disappoint its fans.

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