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One of the largest technological corporations in the world, Dell employs more than 103,000 people all over the world. Best known for its personal computers and laptops, it also develops and sells software, HDTVs, and cameras. It can lay claim to being the number one shipper of PC monitors in the world and continues to innovate its retail capabilities. Find out more about what makes Dell such a popular brand, here on its dedicated PricePanda page.


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Dell, Inc. is a global operating information technology company, which designs, develops, manufactures and distributes computer systems. Dell has been founded and named more than 25 years ago by Michael Dell in the USA, headquartered in Round Rock, Texas. Best known for their computers, computer peripherals and laptops, Dell belongs to the three largest vendors of computer technology.


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Dell's computers are among the best of the world. In addition to its line of desktop and notebook PCs, Dell offers Tablets, network servers, data storage systems, printers, Ethernet switches, and peripherals, such as displays and projectors. It also markets third-party software and hardware. Furthermore, the company offers support and extended warranty services, enterprise installation services, configuration services; infrastructure and security managed services, cloud computing and infrastructure consulting services. Dell helps you to protect your data wherever you go. Whether on your computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones, external media or the cloud, with the Dell security package your data is safe. At the moment Dell focuses on strengthening the hybrid cloud spectrum and modernizes application design and handling. As a result, Dell customers can achieve increased efficiency and greater realization of cloud computing. More than 100,000 people work in Dell Inc. to improve your experience of surfing, gaming and working. With one of the most comprehensive IT services on the planet, Dell Services help you build and create your vision. No wonder that 20% of people buying a new computer decide for Dell.


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