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Devant 23 Inch LED TV 32DL410

By Devant
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4th November 2014
Devant 23 Inch LED TV 32DL410

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    written on 05/03/2014
    No complaints... I find my Devant 32Dl410 satisfying

Devant 23 inch LED TV 32DL410: Great View Every Day

This 23 inch model is a fabulous, lightweight and very thin Devant LED TV that offers that unique movie theatre feel right in the comfort of your own home. It has a sleek, elegant look with an easy to hang or mount stand. Some of the advantages of this TV include its energy-saving capacity due to its low power consumption. Its non-reflective screen as well as its contrast ratio and colour accuracy offers cinema picture quality which surpasses previous models of the series.

Features to Take into Account

The TV's contrast ratio is somewhat small, but astonishingly, its picture quality is quite good! Its colours are very rich & vivid, and compared to most high-end TVs. Its black is truly black and does not lose any detail caused by much deeper blacks. The TV uses Devant's "Superior Clear Panel" technology which surprisingly counters the washing away of colours and darkening of images with the change of viewing angles.

The built-in speakers are a very astounding feature of this TV. In both the television mode and video or HDMI connection, the sound is surprisingly crisp and rich even at low volumes.

The TV's reception is quite good even when using an 'indoor' antenna (with or without a booster), but most outdoor type antennas offer better reception. Its Digital Media Player (DMP) can read most music and image formats with the ability to zoom and pan photos.

The source selection option offers access to its HDMI input, two component video inputs, two composite audio/video inputs, an Audio/video output, and an S-Video input.

It can be also found, that the TV's remote control range is very impressive. Apparently, it works equally well even as far away as 30 feet from the TV! With its power consumption rated at a maximum of 130 watts, this LED TV consumes about 30% to 40% less power than the Plasma or LCD TV's of the same size and capacity. Aside from being very functional, the Devant LED TV has a sleek elegant design that is easy to hang or mount to a wall. The sleek and modern look of this elegant unit will make any room look fabulous at a very affordable price.

Model at a Glance

  • Screen size: 23 inches
  • Resolution: 1366x768 pixels
  • Picture: HD Ready
  • Speakers: 2
  • HDMI input: 1
  • Component video input: 2
  • Composite audio/video input: 2
  • L/R audio inputs for component: 2
  • Audio/video output: 1
  • S-Video input: 1
  • USB: Jpeg, Divx, & MP3
  • Headphone Jack: 1

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