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Never Miss A Moment

Reliving special events has never been easier thanks to digital cameras and digital video cameras. They've made everything more convenient, and though intially more expensive, they often turn-out to be very good investments. Unlike film photography, digital photography and filmography captures and records images and videos on reusable memory cards instead of film. You can re-use your microSD card (or any reusable memory card) and they aren't as bulky as the conventional film. Digital images and videos can be easily enhanced even before capturing them as digital cameras and video cams will let you adjust settings prior to recording or taking a photo. Digital formats are easier to share, and bring with you wherever you go so you can easily show your friends and family your latest adventure, that fun party you were at last weekend, or your recent escapade to Peru.

Digital camcorders and cameras makes it so much easier for beginners and professionals to explore the art of photography and moviemaking. They present easy to learn options and if you don't like the outcome, you simply have to delete it from the memory card and start over. They are also faster and provides with with countless options such as taking fast racing events, a close-up photo of a microbe, or a panorama of a mountain range. Whatever mother nature or the moment might have in store with you, this breed of modern photography and videography devices will keep on performing allowing you to never miss anything you don't want to forget.

Cameras for the Casual Photographer

Smartphones might be the main shooter of choice for most of us but if you are seeking for a dedicated photography and video recording device, that aren't complex, portable, and capable of producing excellent images and videos then you should definitely consider getting a compact or point-and-shoot camera or a handycam. They usually come in a very portable built yet are able to pack an expansive list of options. You can choose from form factor, imaging capabilities, manual versus automated functions, and a collection of technologies aimed at facilitating one-click imaging possibilities. They are very versatile and are well-matched to meet the needs of photographers of all levels.

Compact cameras comes in different styles or types, each offering certain benefits depending on usage. For instance, a small pocket-sized compact is the ultimate everyday companion mainly because of its very portable nature and ability to take outstanding photos. Linking easy to use point-and-shoots to the more advanced interchangeable-lens cameras are bridge compacts, they are often slightly bigger but they come with the intuitive operation of a point-and-shoot. There are also rugged compacts, they come with highly durable chassis construction that can endure use in some of the harshest climates, the GoPro Hero is a very good example of this, it is also a compact camera and camcorder combo which you can take wherever you go. Most modern compacts now come with Wi-Fi connectivity (Will let you quickly showcase your photos and videos online using various social networking sites), large-sensors, and other features that enables them to produce images and videos with similar quality to that of a DSLR, including manual control options, in a package that is a fraction of the size and cost of larger imaging and video devices.

Gadgets for the Hobbyist

If you need a camera for more than just birthdays, trips, and other special occasions, and you take videos and photographs as a form of past-time or something you would like to improve, then you can be considered a hobbyist. What you need is more than just a smartphone (even if its camera's sensor are double digits) and point-and-shoots. What you need is a dedicated companion which you can tweak to your liking and will challenge you to capture something special, breathtaking, and worthy of your growing portfolio. This field used to be dominated by the DSLRs (entry-level and intermediate) but is now welcoming a new breed of mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILCs). All types are capable of producing excellent images and videos, however, you should get to each type in order to decide which one suits you and your needs best. Below is an overview of each type:

  • Entry-level digital single lens reflex: These are the most affordable type of digital SLRs. They are your gateway device into ILCs and comes with a mixture of attributes and features that renders them particularly friendly and functional to use. They will provide you with a great starting point to progress from once you've gained better understanding of SLR features, exposure controls, and many more. Being entry-level does not mean that their output quality are subpar, they simply provide you with a range of automatic options and a variety of preset effects that will help you achieve your desired outcome even without the knowledge of manual controls.
  • Intermediate digital single lens reflex: Devices under this category often combine both a structure of automatic shooting options as well as creative modes and expanded set of manually controls. They allow you to shoot in your preferred manner as well as let you adapt to specific shooting situations manually. They usually come with faster auto focus (AF) performance, more accurate exposure metering system, and a larger buffer along with a faster continuous shooting rate. They are aimed at improving your skills as a photographer and videographer (most intermediate DSLRs are capable of capturing full HD videos with most supporting 1080i or 1080p recordings).
  • Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras: This category is currently the most enticing and popular hobby and sometimes even entry level and compact devices. They feature the most well-liked aspects of both compact and DSLR cameras and rendering an all-in-one solution that would appeal to the broadest range of users possible. Taking from the small size and intuitive operation of a point-and-shoot camera, MILCs are traditionally much more compact and portable than a comparable digital SLR, yet they retain the interchangeable-lens design and manual-control scheme that appeals to more advanced users.

Capture Every Adventure

GoPro might have popularized the "action cam" category but other brands are starting to catch up. Most of the newer compact interchangeable lens models being released by Nikon, Canon, Polaroid, Olympus (i.e. its Tough series), Sony, and many more, now features extreme durability. Not all of them can survive a 30 meter drop at the bottom of a lake or the sea but they can definitely handle more than the average shock, water, and dust exposure. Some of them does not even need a dedicated casing to protect them as their chassis are designed to be durable, waterproof, and shockproof. They let your record and take photos in the most extreme conditions, at almost any altitude, regardless of humidity, pressure, and temperature. They make sure that you can capture all your adventures wherever they may be and no matter how challenging the situation is.

For the Pro's

Formerly reserved for the best and most expensive DSLRs, this professional category has recently welcomed a new addition to its growing family, the range of professional mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. Professional DSLRs and MILCs are often the flagship device of a brand. They represent the highest quality with regards to physical built, manual control, image quality, sensitivity, speed, and the most advanced technological capabilities. Professional DSLRs come with full-frame sized sensors and top of the line image processors. They are capable of capturing the most detailed, clearest, and crispest images and videos. Both Pro digital SLRs and MILCs come with full manual control feature, they offer a greater variety of interfacing abilities and connection ports like flash-sync ports, external RAW video recording, and both a microphone and headphone jack for enhanced audio recording with videos. More physical controls and dials are also availed in order to increase efficiency and controllability while shooting.

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