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Our smartphones are our most cherished gadgets that we use on a daily basis. They cost a lot and smartphones provide us with all the communication and connectivity we need in our work day and are packed with features for our entertainment. Nearly all the smartphone brands use precious aluminium, or polycarbonate plastic for the body, and very expensive Gorilla Glass screens. So its only natural that people want to protect their smartphones.

Different types of phone cases

This is where smartphone cases come into play. The phone cases industry has exploded over the years, with huge number of manufacturers designing and making iPhone cases or Galaxy S3 cases in all shapes and sizes. The smartphone cases industry has evolved so much, that now we have cases made out of fine materials like aluminum and polycarbonate, the phone cases have extended functionality like waking the smartphone in the case of flip cases and providing glanceable information like the Galaxy S4 View Case, and even for cute joke-like cases like the Angry Birds Nokia cases.

Popular brands

There are certain manufacturers that have grown into very popular phone case makers like Belkin, that create some great phone cases, or OtterBox that makes rigid and solid iPhone cases.

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