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Stay Cool Even When It's Scorching Outside with the Best Air Conditioner

Heat and humidity can dampen not just your hair but also your mood. Good thing you can always seek refuge indoors thanks to the wide variety of AC units available. They can keep you cool during hot summer days with some of them also offering heating functions when it gets colder. No matter what your room size is or what layout it has there is one that will fit right in. Choose among window units, inverter ACs, split inverters, built-in units, and even free standing portable ones.

Most major consumer electronic brands such as Panasonic , Hitachi, Samsung, Sharp, Cornell, Electrolux, Pensonic, and many others produce several lines of AC both for your home and office. While having such a huge selection is good, it can also make the decision making a bit more difficult. We understand your need for proper information that will help you identify the one that will meet all your requirements that is why we came up with a short list of tips to guide you.

Selecting the Right Type

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home or office is a big decision, mainly because aircons don't come cheap. They're also not considered as a necessity like the other home appliances like the old reliable washing machine. So before you even start checking for prices you must first ask yourself where and how the AC will be installed or used. Then you should consider the size of the room where you will be installing or placing it. Added features and benefits should also be considered. Air conditioners range from portable air conditioners and window air conditioners to through the wall air conditioners and evaporative coolers.

  • Window units: The most popular type since they are very easy to install (can be DIY) and are often affordable. Most models can be installed in a single or double hung window and will typically come with accordion panels that will allow for a secure fit. They can also fit in sliding windows but will require additional support.
  • Portable units: They are easy to set up and don't require permanent installation. They have a standard window venting kit for the exhaust hose, and many portable units are mounted on casters so you can move them freely from room to room. Most portable units have reservoirs that need to be emptied after every prolonged use, though some also come with optional hookups for a drainage hose. However, newer models evaporate much of the moisture and exhaust it, offering you more convenience.
  • Built-In units: They are a great solution for rooms or additions to your house that may not be connected to the central heating and air conditioning system. They are usually more expensive and requires proper installation. However, they are very well suited for bigger areas as they are usually very powerful and can also function as a dehumidifier and heater.

Aside from type you should also be aware of your unit's cooling capacity, this information can easily be found on the unit (most often on a sticker attached to it). Rating usually range from 5000 to more than 20000 BTUs. There are various BTU calculators online which you can use, and all you have to do is key-in the room's area and it will tell you how much BTU you will need. The energy efficiency is another major factor that should be considered. Some air conditioner might save you money initially but they may cost more in the long run if they don't turn out to be energy efficient. Knowing the energy efficiency level is also very easy as you can find them on the yellow Energy Guide label attached on the unit. Usually a rating of 10 or higher will result to more energy savings. Units with a 10 or higher energy efficiency rating might cost a bit more when purchased but they will definitely save you more on the long run.

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