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Combat Blackouts with Generators

Electric generators serve as a secondary power source. They supply and maintain a continuous flow of electricity during power outages. Its mechanism is powered by gasoline, diesel, liquid or gas propane, or natural gas, depending on the model and the type and size of the engine.

Before buying a generator, you first have to consider the storage space and location where you will have to keep the generator. Do not operate it in closed and tight spaces like your garage, basement, crawlspace, kitchen, or even an empty, well-ventilated room at home. Generators emit harmful air contaminants that may accumulate inside your home, leading to serious injury or death. Keep it on a flat, smooth, and dry surface to avoid electrocution. The best place to operate your generator is outdoors, where an open canopy-like structure (you can use a tarp or tent supported or propped up on poles) can protect it from the heat of the sun and rain.

You should also know the total power wattage that your home appliances or electric tools need, before deciding whether to go for a portable or standby generator. Portable generators are ideal for small home use with only a few domestic appliances to power up. There are models that come with an easy touch switch, making it quicker to power up the generator; however this feature requires a full load battery charge. Look for those that provide ease in mobility by checking its size dimensions, weight, handle style, and wheel type. This type of generator is also used to generate energy for power tools like drills, saws, and grinders, making it ideal for construction or workshop use.

Standby generators, on the other hand, can supply power for your entire household. It can keep air conditioners, refrigerators, lights, and other high-powered appliances operational during an outage. This type of generator is permanently installed and only has a 20-second lag before restoring power to your household. You will also need a power switch (for portable generators) or an automatic transfer switch (for standby generators) for proper switch or transfer of electric load.

AC generators or alternating-current generators are powered by steam turbines whose energy comes from fossil or nuclear fuel. Today’s technology has also allowed water or wind to power such generators, but these are generally used to supply power in remote areas.

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