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George Eastman introduced the very first Kodak to consumers way back in 1888 with the motto, “you press the button, we do the rest,” making the seemingly complicated and inconvenient process of photography back then easily accessible to anyone.


Known as the Eastman Kodak Company during that time, Kodak has paved the way for the abundance of products and services that made photography even more enjoyable and less complex. The Brownie, a user-friendly cardboard camera took photography to the mainstream. As early as 1889, it drew the line between amateur and professional photography with the first commercial transparent roll film, enabling Thomas Edison to invent the first motion picture camera in 1891. Kodak has indeed played a major role in many key industries, with eight Academy Awards under its name to prove it. Kodak is one of today’s premier multinational corporations, with its brand recognized in nearly every country worldwide.


Kodak line of products


In 1975, Kodak was the first company to bring a digital camera to consumers. The Kodak DC40 digital camera debuted in 1995 with many of the features we know today: self-timer, built-in automatic flash and internal storage that holds up to 48 photos. Kodak’s EasyShare line of cameras, which comes with a bundled dock to make transferring of photos to a computer easier, was released in 2001.


Kodak EasyShare cameras are available in three series, all packed with amazingly simple and user-friendly features. C-series models are basic, entry-level cameras; M-series offers more advanced features and sleeker designs; while the Z-series boasts of powerful zoom lenses and manual settings.


Kodak Philippines prices with PricePanda


Kodak prices in Philippines are more affordable as opposed to the competing brands’ prices, ranging anywhere from Php 2,995 for the basic point-and-shoot cameras to Php 12,000 for the high-end models.


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