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Lenovo IdeaPad G480 i5 500GB Black

Lenovo has already find its lucrative niche and loyal customers and did not come for nothing. The producer is well-known for truly good quality and sometimes unusual solutions. And the new laptops under the tag IdeaPad, G480 amd G580, are a good proof of that.

PricePanda gives a short overview of a first product confirming that new IdeaPad is worth buying.

Battery, Memory Capacity and more about specs

Taking a look at the specifications, the new laptop is tend to be a hard worker! Intel® Core™ i5 3210M CPU, 500GB of memory and battery which will allow you to work up to 6 hours, thanks to 6-cell technology. Intel® HD 4000 Graphics and 15 inch HD screen will bring you the best viewing experience. Moreover, you will appreciate such long working hours because simply can take IdeaPad with you and do not worry about the cables and plugs - it weighs 2.1 kg only! And if you need to use USB - the new 3.0 technology will do it up to 10 times faster - you’ll see the difference.

Continuing the review of G480, the question of connectivity is covered in this device. Thus along with USB 3.0, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and built-in, and you will have an opportunity to be

G480 in Black


in touch everywhere. So, make a video chats or web conference with your colleagues or friends in cafe, home or work - 720p webcam will provide a crystal clear image.

If you care about the security and use the password, the AccuType Keyboard will help you with remembering the set of sights. It is designed so ergonomically that your fingers will never forget the right combination. Or use another great security option from Lenovo - let your face be your password! the webcam with the help of your stored photos will recognise you in a moment and allow to log in quickly and easily.

So, are you sure that G480 is a right choice now?

Price in Philippines

Lenovo IdeaPad G480 i5 500GB Black is already available in Philippines. PricePanda check the availability and price in the country constantly to give you the best offers. Stay with us if you want to get the new laptop at the most affordable price.

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