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The New Lenovo Vibe Z: Lenovo’s Latest Android Phone

Lenovo is one of the most popular and trusted laptop brand in the Philippines and now Lenovo is expanding into mobile phone and smartphone territory with the new Lenovo Vibe Z. The Lenovo Vibe Z isn’t the first smartphone from Lenovo, but it is the first smartphone from Lenovo that is powered by a Qualcomm processor since most Lenovo smartphones, including the Lenovo Vibe X were powered by MediaTek processors. The Lenovo Vibe Z, codenamed Lenovo K910, will have the same anti-fingerprint finish as its predecessor and will have a 5.5 inch full HD display.

Lenovo’s latest Android phone
Lenovo Vibe Z features

Lenovo Vibe Z Specifications

Being the first Lenovo smartphone to be powered by a Qualcomm processor, the new Lenovo Vibe Z now has the processing power to rival the top smartphones in the market right now. Inside the new Lenovo Vibe Z’s core is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2 GHz quad-core processor with an Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM. The new Lenovo Vibe Z is 7.9 mm thick, a bit thicker than its predecessor, but it comes equipped with a 5.5 full HD IPS display, has dual SIM capabilities, a 13MP f/1.8 main rear camera with LED flash and is backed with Sony’s IMX135 which makes it capable of taking brighter photos with effective noise reduction. According to Lenovo, the new Lenovo Vibe Z smartphone has standby time of up to 278.5 hours.

Lenovo Vibe Z (K910) Features and Accessories

Not wanting to be just another Android phone, the new Lenovo Vibe Z’s Android OS is customized to give the new Lenovo Vibe Z a more unique feel. The enw Lenovo Vibe Z has an Adreno 330 GPU, graphics card making the Lenovo Vibe Z great for games and watching videos. Lenovo is offering a flip-case that is reminiscent of the S View Cover for the Vibe Z. This cover will have a cut out portion allowing users to view a portion of the screen without having to unfold the case. The Lenovo Vibe Z case will come with an added trackpad which will allow users to receive or reject calls in the usual sport without having to open the flip open the case.

Lenovo Vibe Z accessories
Lenovo Vibe Z dual SIM

Philippine Release Date and Prices for the new Lenovo Vibe Z

The new Lenovo Vibe Z is currently, only available in China and no official Philippine release date and price has been published by Lenovo. However, PricePanda believes that one or more of our merchants will be stocking the new Lenovo Vibe Z soon. We are on the look out for the Lenovo Vibe Z’s availability, release date and price in the Philippines so better watch this space.

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