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Yet another Nintendo handheld game console!

Nintendo is never afraid of experimenting and designing new exciting things. After their successful products like the Nintendo DS and the crazy Nintendo 3DS, on the 28th of August they announced that they are releasing the Nintendo 2DS, a completely new portable gaming console, that has a different form factor and hardware design.


The Nintendo’s 2DS hardware

The new portable console from Nintendo doesn’t have the familiar flip design of the 3DS. Instead they have decided to create the 2DS in a flat design but still keeping the iconic Nintendo design with the pad on the left side and the action buttons on the right of the device. The center of the screen is dominated by a screen that serves as the main interface when gaming. The device itself is in the form of a slab and fits quite nicely in the gamers’ hands.

Gaming on the Nintendo 2DS

The interesting thing about the Nintendo 2DS that will surely impress gamers is that the games made for the original DS and the 3DS will also be playable on the new Nintendo 2DS. That way gamers will not have to buy games specially made for the new console and they can use their old games with the 2DS. That is great news for all the Nintendo fans that have a big collection of games for the Nintendo 3DS and the original DS.

Availability and pricing of the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have really priced the new portable gaming console, the 2DS, very competitively. In the US market, where it will launch first, it will be available for $ 129,99 which is around $ 50 cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS. We can expect that the price in the Philippines to be equally affordable! The Nintendo 2DS will be available internationally on the 12th of October.

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