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Product Overview

The Excellent Nokia Asha 503

The Nokia Asha has been released and positioned as an affordable and fun phone that is packed with great qualities and lots of joy. Nokia have managed to create a low cost alternative to a number of more expensive smartphones that offers much of the same functionality without the huge price tag. First made available to the general public in 2011 the Asha 503 is the latest in a long line of excellent devices to be released by Nokia. With a powerful operating system, excellent processor speed, good pixel ratio and a set of specs that put some of the far more expensive devices to shame, the Asha is a superb option for those looking for a cost effective phone that is enjoyable to use and very reliable.

The first look

Great Specifications and a Host of New Apps

The Asha has a TFT capacitive touchscreen protected by state of the art Gorilla glass and boasting 240 x 320 pixels. This provides a good all round display quality and can deal comfortable with games, applications and web streaming. The colours can, at times, appear a little bleached due to the high density of the 3 inch screen. But overall the device offers excellent image quality for the price. It's also worth noting that the monitor is multi touch receptive up to two fingers, which makes it perfect for playing games. This is where the phone really comes into its own. With the makers including a huge amount of special features as standard all for the cost of the handset.

The Nokia's other qualities are equally impressive with the all new Asha 2.0 processor doing much of the phones heavy lifting. This all new operating system offers solid browsing speed and compares favourable to most other devices in the range and particularly - vs Nokia 502 and vs Nokia 501 mobile gadgets. The phone also comes with a dual SIM setup as standard which is an unexpected but much appreciated extra. There is also a very decent amount of storage space for such a small piece of equipment, with 4 GB as standard and a further 32 GB of removable memory.

The battery life is also routinely excellent with a Li-ion 1200 mAh rechargeable as standard. The battery provides well over 800 hours of stand by time and a very decent 12 hours of talk time. With the phone also doubling as an excellent Mp3 player it will also offer 34 hours of music playback. There is also a rear mounted camera that takes good quality still images and can even cope with high definition video. The camera works at around 5MP and has a LED flash and image review function to ensure all your images are of the highest possible quality.

What consumers have really enjoyed about the Asha is its fresh and fun aesthetic approach. Small and stout it remains a practical and utilitarian options, whilst the range of vibrant neon colours the phone comes it maintain a sense of fun. The body is sleek and slim and the lightweight feel makes it comfortable and easy to transport. The manufacturers have also included a few useful docking ports for accessories like headphones, which allows you to turn the Asher into a practical, mobile multi media device.


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The Nokia's best price is well below a number of similar devices currently on the market. What's more, the phone offers just as much functionality as more expensive mobile phones without the enormous and sometimes unjustified financial outlay. Available for a price in the Philippines that is particularly reasonable, the phone is best brought from a reputable and recognised online retailer, and you should be sure to shop around for the best deal possible. The Asha is a smart little phone that has proved something of a surprise package since its release. Fast, fun and easy to use it's a perfect mid range option.

Technical Details
Data CapabilitiesBluetooth, EDGE, Wi Fi, GPRS
Phone StyleTouchscreen Phone Style
Storage GB
Operating System
Screen Size3 Inch
Camera Resolution5 mp
Talktime5 Hours
Standby time840 Hours