Phones & Navigation

Staying connected with cellphones, smartphones and GPS devices

In this day and age, communication has become more important than ever. Technology advancements have leaped so much in the last decade, that now we consider devices such as cellphones, smartphones and navigation sets as everyday devices that are a necessity for the modern age.

Cellphones; a true mobile communication tool

Cellphones are quite the commodity now a days, with everyone having at least one feature mobile phone that serves the sole purpose of making calls and staying connected. A lot of the mobile phone manufactures started their businesses and had great success making cellphones. Companies like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG have made some of the most recognizable cellphones. Even though the market has shifted towards smartphones, there is still a demand for small, cheap and convenient cellphones that people use like a second mobile phone or when travelling.

The age of the smartphone

Smartphones are the devices that rule the communication market today. They are basically portable computers that have powerful operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

The smartphone really became popular when Apple first introduced the iPhone. Since then every electronics manufacturer has entered the smartphone market wth their line of products. Samsung has designed and produced the hugely popular Galaxy S line of smartphones that currently has the Galaxy S4 as their main flagship phone, Sony has created the Xperia line with the Xperia Z being their most popular product, HTC has also been a major player in the smartphone market with their popular One series, and also Motorola with the Droid line of smartphones. Lately there has been an even bigger influx of new companies making smartphones; namely Nokia joining the fight with their Lumia line and Huawei, Lenovo, LG and other companies also putting out devices in the smartphone market.

GPS navigation; finding your way around

The communication industry also encompasses the manufacturing and usage of GPS navigation devices. There are a lot of variants and form factors about how a GPS device should look like. Garmin is one of the premiere manufacturers of these products, and they make everything from GPS navigation for car use, to advanced tracking GPS systems for hiking and mountain sports.