LG Smartphones: Best prices in Philippines (89 Items found)

LG Smartphones: Great Gadgets at Affordable Prices

The South Korean tech giant has some of the best designed and performing mobile communication devices in the market. These gadgets perfectly meet your mobile computing and communication needs while still being budget friendly. More than a phone, these products are your personal assistant, entertainer, life recorder, and even mobile office. They are designed to keep all aspects of your life organized and connected, all with a swipe of a button, or a knock on the screen.

The G-Series: The Brand's Flagship Range

A line of high-end Android powered devices, the range boasts of some of the best ranked handsets in the market. They defy the limits of technology with breathtaking performance, mesmerizing design, and ability to seamlessly multi-task across business, social and entertainment functions. The products in this series comes with top of the line cameras, brilliantly sharp displays, snappy processors, graphic cards worthy of a gaming consoles, and many more.

The Vu Series: Square and Simple

Marked by its distinct wide screen and slim bezels, the line breaks the conventional mobile shape mode. Devices in the series sports a premium finish thank to the metallic frame running around its chassis and its true HD display. Included in this line is a stylus to help you navigate and use each device. Due to their unique shape, products included in the series can be used as virtual notepads, gaming console, and perfect for watching videos.

The L and F Series

Both range are comprised of budget priced mobile solutions from the company. Contemporary design aesthetics and innovations that improve on the original is the brand's guiding principle in developing these lines, and so far it has been a success as these series are the manufacturer's bestseller, outselling even their flagship range. Devices in both range are equipped with proprietary features like the QuickMemo, Quick Button and Safety Care.

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