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Your Life Powered by Samsung Smartphones

Formerly known for their excellent line of audio-visual appliances and devices, the South Korean giant is now the global leader in the smartphone industry, overtaking several other manufacturers. Since the introduction of the original Galaxy S, the company has leaped to the very top of not just the Android market but the entire smartphone market. Their cellphones and mobile phones are devices that are versatile and can perform any task. They have produced gadgets for every popular operating system which includes their own Tizen and Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS, but their most popular, and breakthrough series runs the Google developed platform.

Great Variety of Models to Choose From

The Korean behemoth has been designing and making handys in different shapes and sizes, from monoblock ones with keypads to massive screened phablets that are almost as powerful as a real computer. All their devices came packed with great features, in order to keep the customers amazed and to try and innovate more than their competitors. And what is great about their collection of phones is that they cover the entire price spectrum, from the ultra budget friendly to the top of the line and super high-end ones.

The Galaxy Line

Also known as their flagship line of smartphones, this series boasts of some of the best phones in history such as the bestselling and record breaking Galaxy S models. This line only produces the best performing phones that are feature packed and are capable of multitasking. Other popular devices in the series includes the Note series, DUOS, Mega and others. The more affordable devices in this line are geared towards teenagers that are buying their first smartphones such as the Ace or the Star variants.

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