The Samsung Galaxy S4 3G

The Samsung Galaxy S4 3G is a very popular model in the Galaxy series. The S4 shows off incredibly light and slim design, with ergonomic grip. This phone deals well with a busy person, as it has plenty of internal storage.


The specs of this phone are worth marveling at. The 12.7 cm full HD display, the AirView intelligence overview with adjustable settings, and the hands free air gesture that allows you to answer or respond, without even touching your phone. A redesigned 13 megapixel camera, and a two megapixel camera in front, you will be snapping photographs quite often.


This phone is packed to the brim with awesome features, and enough customization options to align the device directly to your specifications. you will find the best price here on PricePanda.

User Review - Samsung Galaxy S4 3G 16GB White

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