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Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is one of the Samsung Phones new member that has been released and this didn’t go unnoticed. The new smartphone of the South Korea based company is supercharged with innovative features that will most definitely blow your mind. The GS4 comes in two different processor versions (the i9500 and i9505) where availability depends on your country’s mobile network and in two different colours, Black Mist and White Frost. The key difference between the two processor versions of Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs is that the i9500 contains an Exynos 5 Octa CPU and works in countries without LTE network and the i9505 contains the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset and works also in countries with LTE network. The Exynos 5 Octa version features the first “big.LITTLE” architecture central processing unit (CPU). The CPU has eight cores, four of which can be active at one time emulating a quad-core. You can find the Samsung Galaxy S4 price in Philippines from Php 23,980.

The Galaxy S4 runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean beneath its own Samsung developed, very highly customised TouchWiz interface which has been much improved from its previous version via a set of smart toggles in the notification center. When you first activate the phone you are given a quick tutorial of all the new things the phone has to offer. Samsung has beefed up its one-touch system icons in the notifications area at the top of your homescreen and allowing you to expand the list to 15 icons and edit these by drag and dropping the icons to rearrange them.

The full TouchWiz interface can get quite complicated for the novice user and therefore Samsung has also installed an “easy mode” replacing your homescreen and adjusting some critical apps (calendar, browser, contact list, etc.) to lower the complexity and where you can also increase the phone’s font size. The settings menu remains the same and you will still have access to core apps and features, even with some extra camera functions, and it is quite easy to change back and forth between modes.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Galaxy S4 hardware and design

With Samsung being such a huge company, their fans can be rest assured that they have put the best possible internals in their new flagship device. The CPU powering the international version of the Galaxy S4 is a Samsung made Exynos 5410 octa with eight cores that provides blazing processing speeds. It also comes packed with 2 GB of RAM, an NFC chip and all the latest sensors. The other variant of the Galaxy S4 that Samsung produces features a Qualcomm designed Snapdragon 600 quad core processor running at 1.9 GHz.
The screen is one of the most striking features of the new S4. It is a 5-inch 1080p display powered by Samsung's Super AMOLED technology that produces incredible black color levels. Another thing that is astonishing about the display is that Samsung managed to increase the size of the display while keeping the same phone size as the previous Galaxy S3.

The Galaxy S4 display

Samsung is well known as a company that designs and manufactures great looking screens with the latest display technology. All of their products, like their line of television sets, are equipped with amazing screens that offer a great visual experience. The new Galaxy S4 is certainly not an exeptions. The display technology that Samsung uses for their mobile products, Super AMOLED, is also present on the Galaxy S4, but is more advanced and packs a bigger number of pixels than any of their previous smartphones.
The Galaxy S4 screen is a 5-inch 1080p HD with an amazing pixel density of 411ppi which is significantly higher than the iPhone 5, and it really shows. The screen is unbelievably bright and crisp, colors look rich and detailed and the pixel are literally invisible to the human eye. Here is where Samsung’s HD AMOLED display technology really shines. Colors are perfectly saturated, contrasts are amazing, with the output being crystal clear images, crisp text and fluid video and gaming.

Samsung lets users calibrate the screen to their particular liking, choosing from professional photography presets or a movie viewing mode. If left to figure out the proper calibration itself, however, the display auto-adjusts the color tone and color reproduction to match whatever the user is looking at.

Samsung also made the screen sensitive not only to touch, but also to gloves so people can use their Galaxy S4 in colder conditions. And lastly, Samsung considered the durability side of the smartphone too by making the Galaxy S4 the first commercially available device to feature Corning’s new, thinner and stronger Gorilla Glass 3 cover glass.

Performance and battery life

The Galaxy S4 is available in two variants depending on the network and whether it supports LTE. Samsung has put accordingly different CPUs in each version. Both variants of the phone perform tasks at an amazing speed thanks to the incredible power of the octa and quad-core processors and the generous 2GB of RAM. Multitasking, app usage, taking pictures and videos, teleconferencing etc. while being connected to an LTE network are all easily doable on the Galaxy S4 because it is equipped to handle anything the user will throw at it.
Accomplishing all that and still having enough battery life to last a typical business day is what is great about the Galaxy S4. The battery on board is a 2600 mAh Li-ion battery capable of withstanding heavy usage by demanding users who rely on their smartphone for a large portion of the day. Extensive battery testings ensure that the Galaxy S4 is capable of doing that.

The Galaxy S4's great new software apps and features

Samsung has put its resources behind the new Galaxy S4 and as a result we got the most app and feature packed smartphone on the market today. Samsung has really thought about how regular consumers use their phones on a daily basis, and they have designed the Galaxy S4 around that notion. Hence the tagline of the device “life companion” which tries to show that Samsung wants consumers to make the Galaxy S4 an integral part of their lives.

Air Gestures

The device comes with some really exciting and innovative eye-tracking and gestures features like “Air Gestures” that lets you scroll through the picture gallery or a web page, answer a call or play the next music song with just swiping with your palm in front of the screen without touching it. “Air View” is another feature that lets you hover with your finger above the screen and see information from a certain app, notes, e-mail. photo or video without touching the screen. This feature really is useful for the times when your hands are wet and you don't want to touch the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S4

"Smart" features for your smartphone

The eye tracking technology that Samsung has put in the Galaxy S4 is really interesting and exciting. What the “Smart Pause” and “Smart Scroll” features do, is actually track the movement of your eyes across the screen and take action accordingly. So for example if you are watching a movie and you take your sight away from the screen the phone will pause the film, and restart it once you look back at the screen. The “Smart Scroll” detects when you are approaching the last few sentences shown on the bottom of the screen and scrolls the web page so you can read the article without problems.

Samsung Galaxy S4

S Voice

The S Voice Drive was developed to make it possible to still easily operate your phone while doing tasks that require your hands and attention such as driving your car. In the Drive mode the GS4 provides a simpler interface, larger fonts, more intuitive look and text to speech service.


With the Samsung WatchOn app you can remotely control (via IR) your home entertainment system including your television or DVD player. It suggests different programs based on your preferences, provides you with program schedules and does the channel surfing for you!

Home Sync

Samsung also provides its own cloud service with HomeSync with 1TB of storage capacity for your own pictures and videos. The service allows you to stream your favourite games, movies, TV shows directly to your living room on a big screen TV.

S Health: stay fit and healthy together

Along with these new "Smart" features, Samsung has also launched several apps that come preinstalled on the Galaxy S4 that can really be useful. S Health for example monitors your physical activity through the phone's sensors. If it is for playing your favourite sport, walking, gym or cycling, the GS4 gives you the right tool to update your training schedule, monitor your weight and displaying your achievements. Weather forecasts help you to decide the right training times.

S Translator

The S Translator is another useful app for translating foreign languages including an Optical Reader which can be used to convert analog text into a digital form. Say or text what you need to have translated into your new GS4 and it will read or text back the translation in over 10 different languages. Always practical when traveling abroad or when meeting foreigners.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Group Play: stream your music to your friends

Another fun, although not extremely useful, feature is the Group Play mode which lets you and other people that have Galaxy S4's play the same song at the same time. This makes for a great presentation of the technological advances that Samsung has achieved with the Galaxy S4. You can also share your pictures with other mobiles or play games together.

ChatON: video messaging with screen share

Chat On is another crazy Samsung idea that lets you message your contact in a rather unusual way. The app lets you share your screen with your friends that also use this app.

Samsung Hub

With Samsung Hub you have your one stop shop for any content you want. you can browse and shop through any content available from every Samsung Hub. All your favourite videos, games, music and learning in one store.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Extended camera and video capabilities

Samsung has put a lot of thought in redesigning the camera features and has added a few interesting features to its camera. The 13 megapixels included in the camera do a really great job of producing crystal clear pictures. The included software also adds to that the picture taking experience allows users to come up with innovative ways of utilizing their phone camera and 12 different settings. Photos can be merged using one of the eight frame effects.

Dual Camera: take pictures with both cameras at the same time

The "Dual Camera" feature for the Galaxy S4 lets users use both the rear and the front facing camera at the same time for easy video calling and picture shooting. Now it is possible to show both sides of the story and share your experiences with your family and friends with you included in the picture.

Sound & Shot: add sound to your pictures

With the "Sound & Shot" mode you can add to your picture any sound that you like, be it something that was said when taking the picture or some music song that makes the picture even more special.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Story Album: organise your photos and create albums for specific moments

Samsung Galaxy S4 features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories

As always, the Galaxy series comes with a full suite of useful accessories. Below we give you a brief look of all Samsung released accessories, but we are sure many other accessories from other manufacturers will be available soon.

Wireless Charging Pad/Cover: charging your phone made easy

Flip Cover: customise your GS4 with one of these colourful covers

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad Samsung Flip Cover

View Cover: protect the display, but still see who is calling you

Pouch: a classic premium protection case made from quality leather

Samsung View Cover Samsung Leather Pouch

Protective Cover: make sure you don't scratch the back of your phone

Extra Battery Kit: an extra battery for the heavy users and travellers among us

Samsung Protective Cover Samsung Battery Kit

Real-time heart rate monitor (HRM) : staying healthy made easy

Body Scale: keeping an eye on your weight with your phone

Samsung Real-Time heart monitor
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