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About Adessa  Adessa is an offline shop that allows you to check the company’s products plus product specification online and buy in their physical stores. Addessa was initially established under the name ADDS MERCHANDISING in 1978 and was originally selling Ready-to-wear merchandise, toys and ladies accessories. With the opening of the first store in old Urdaneta Public Market three years later, the business name changed to ADDESS MERCHANDISING and started to sell appliances and furniture. In 1994 the business name changed again to ADDESSA Corporation after being incorporated. Over the years, Addessa’s mission never changed: The company aims to provide quality and easy-to-own appliances, electronic and furniture to households making their home comfortable and healthy.   Adessa’s customer service  It is one of Addessa’s core mission to understand individual customers’ needs and serve them through a well-trained, honest and experienced staff team.   B Adessa at PricePanda  In the mobile phone category Addessa specializes on Samsung cellphones and smartphones, all of which can be found on PricePanda.  

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