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About CMK Cellphones   CMK Cellphones has the distinction of being the first non-Multiply hosted online retailer featured in PricePanda. CMK Cellphones focus on selling latest mobile phones/cellphones, smartphones, tablets, cameras, DSLRs, and other electronic gadgets from renowned international and local brands at the best and lowest prices. CMK Cellphones offers its customers the added security of having “physical” retail outlets. Customers of CMK Cellphones can go to one of CMK’s stores to try the product they saw online and even complete their purchase at the store. CMK Cellphones pride themselves for having “real time” prices on their website as they update their products and prices daily or as the product become available.   CMK Cellphones Shipping and Delivery  In an effort to give their customers total satisfaction, CMK Cellphones provides same day delivery service to customers in around Metro Manila and next day deliver to provincial customers. CMK Cellphones will inform the customers when the product is ready and allow the customer to choose whether they want to pick up the product or ask for delivery. CMK Customers can request when they want to receive the products without incurring additional costs. CMK lists their shipping and delivery charge on their website so customers can gauge the actual total cost of their purchase as well as include a list of establishments where customers can transfer payment.   CMK Cellphones Customer Service  CMK Cellphones allow their customers to call them directly if they want to check whether some products are available in the store or not by calling them directly. CMK Cellphones is also pretty good at answering after sales queries from customers as they are easily accessible via their various phone lines and by visiting the nearest CMK Cellphones store.   CMK Cellphones at PricePanda  CMK Cellphones, like other top retailers in the Philippines is featured in PricePanda. CMK Cellphones products are displayed alongside other retailers allowing customers to compare CMK Cellphones products and price with several other similar products so they can be sure that they are getting exactly what they wanted at the price they want.  

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