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  • PricePanda Product Quality Expert
    written on 17/11/2014

    So much better than Samsung Galaxy Gear and even better than it's first version, the SW2 might just be ready to compete with the Pebble. Almost everything was improved, from its design, fit, finish, connectivity and compatibility, and applications. It looks good, almost like genuine wristwatch and is now packed with health and fitness functions. Sony made sure that this time they won't just offer you a mini smartphone that you can strap on your wrist, but a gadget that is actually functional and worth every buck.

User Review - Sony SmartWatch 2

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  • Waterproof
    written on 21/01/2014
    It is waterproof. If it gets wet, nothing happens and you do not throw the clock. I take a shower there.
    It's lighter and it seems that you are not even wearing it. It costs much less than Gear. Anyway connects to my notes 3, but also to many other models of Android smartphones or phablet only (I think).
    Can I use the application Runtastic and using an internal code may be activated from the site the pro version.

The Sony Smartwatch 2: Keeping You Connected

This good-looking wearable gadget is the Japanese manufacturer's second foray into the wearable technology market. It has has a 1.6 inch 220 X 176 pixel transreflexive LCD display. This display type gives the device up to 7 days of battery power, far exceeding the battery life of other smart watches available in the market to date. Another improvement is compatibility, unlike most similar devices that can only connect to devices of a similar brand, the SW2 is able to connect with several Android devices that runs at least Android 4.0 OS. It can connect to Android devices through Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC). Design wise, the Sony Smartwatch 2 opted for a rubber strap and metallic strap version and unlike other smartwatches, it does not have a camera embedded on its strap so there are no design interruptions. Like other wearable tech, it allows users to check notifications from various social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter, it also gives Gmail and SMS notifications among others.

Straps variety

The Perfect Android Accessory

Being a wearable extension of your Google powered device, it expands the Android experience by allowing users to interact with their devices in a more convenient way. Being compatible to a variety of Android devices running Android 4.0 OS, it is definitely a must have smartwatch for fandroids. The wearable smart device allows users to keep track of everything that’s happening on their smartphone without having to take out their phone out of their pocket, this is specially convenient for people in busy situations. One of the main functions of the wearable tech is its ability to answer phone calls without having to take out the phone. When a user receives a notification, be it from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or an SMS, they can easily view it just by touching the app icon on it’s screen. It also serves as a remote for your mobile phone allowing you to control your phone while exercising and doing other activities. The upgraded smart watch is waterproof and has an impressive sunlight readable display making it an all weather device that also functions as a stylish watch.


Google Play at Your Wrist

Being an Android compatible device and not restricted to a select products only, tit will work perfectly well with most smartphones and tablets running version 4.0 or later. Its software is regularly updated to make sure that it stay in tune with emerging devices and OS updates. Unlike the other smartwatches available at the moment, the aesthetically pleasing wrist watch can download and access hundred of apps from Google Play further enriching the wireless experience offered by the smartwatch. Its users can choose from a wide selection of productivity tools, health and wellness, and even entertainment apps from Google Play, making the Smartwatch 2 one of the more app rich smartwatches around.

Compatible Devices

The Rise of the Wearable Tech

Love them or hate them, there is no stopping them. Wearable tech, particularly those taking the form of the smartband and the smart watch are on the rise, almost every major smartphone producing brands has or are planning to release their own line of such devices. Samsung pioneered the movement not wanting to be seond princess to Apple, which has yet to release their own line of wearable tech. Sony released the first ever SW but it did not take off, having learned their lesson from their first release, has improved on their most latest release. LG, Huawei, and many other Chinese manufacturers also just launched their own lines of fitness oriented smart gears, some attractive but mostly half-baked and seemingly rush. The SW2 is a top contender right now, however, it should be wary of Motorola's incoming smartwatch as it is deemed to be the best.

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Specs You Need to Know

  • Dimensions: 42 x 9 x 41 mm
  • Durability: Water resistant IP57, Scratch Resistant
  • Display: 1.6" 200 x 176 pixels
  • Battery: Normal usage, 3-4 days
  • Operating System Compatibility: Android OS v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and later