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Buy Sony SmartWatch 2 online: Best Prices available in Philippines


The Sony Smartwatch 2: Keeping you connected

The Sony Smartwatch 2 is Sony’s second foray into the wearable technology market. The Sony Smartwatch 2 has a 1.6 inch 220 X 176 pixel transreflexive LCD display. This display type give the Sony Smartwatch 2 up to 7 days of battery power, far exceeding the battery life of other smartwatches available in the market to date. The Sony Smartwatch 2 is compatible with several Android devices that runs at least Android 4.0 OS. The Sony Smarwatch 2 can connect to Android devices through Bluetooth and near-field communication (NFC). Design wise, the Sony Smartwatch 2 opted for a rubber strap and metallic strap version and unlike other smartwatches, the Sony Smartwatch 2 does not have a camera embedded on its strap so there are no design interruptions. The Sony Smartwatch 2 allows users to check notifications from various social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter, it also gives Gmail and SMS notifications among others.

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Sony SmartWatch 2: the perfect Android accessory

The Sony Smartwatch 2 expands the Android experience by allowing users to interact with their Android devices in a more convenient way. Being compatible to a variety of Android devices running Android 4.0 OS, the Sony Smartwatch 2 is definitely the watch for Android lovers. The Sony Smartwatch 2 allows users to keep track of everything that’s happening on their Android phone without having to take out their phone out of their pocket, this is specially convenient for people in busy situations. One of the main functions of the Sony Smartwatch 2 is its ability to answer phone calls without having to take out the phone. When a user receives a notification, be it from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or an SMS, they can easily view it just by touching the app icon on the Sony Smartwatch 2’s screen. The Sony Smartwatch 2 also serves as a remote for your Android phone allowing you to control your phone while exercising and doing other activities. The Sony Smartwatch 2 is waterproof and has an impressive sunlight readable display making it an all weather device that also functions as a stylish watch.

The Sony Smartwatch 2: Google Play at your wrist

Being an Android compatible device and not restricted to a select products only, the Sony Smartwatch 2 works with most smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 or later. Its software is regularly updated to make sure that it stay in tune with emerging Android devices. Unlike the other smartwatches available at the moment, the Sony Smartwatch 2 can download and access hundred of apps from Google Play further enriching the wireless experience offered by the smartwatch. Sony Smartwatch 2 users can choose from a wide selection of productivity tools, health ad wellness, and even entertainment apps from Google Play, making the Smartwatch 2 one of the more app rich smartwatches around.

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Sony Smartwatch 2 Pricing and Availability

The Sony Smartwatch 2, given its capabilities can be considered relatively affordable compared to its competitors, the Sony Smartwatch 2 retails at US $170 and is already available from a number of retailers in the Philippines. i an effort to save our users the trouble of visiting multiple sites just to look for the best Sony Smartwatch 2 prices in the Philippines, PricePanda displays prices from several retailers offering the Sony Smartwatch 2 in the Philippines allowing customers to search and compare deals easily and hassle free.

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