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Sony's great video cameras


A camcorder or video camera is a video camera and recorder in one. This is best used for mobile video shoots like vacations and outdoor activities.


The Sony video camera belongs to the popular Handycam Camcorders range. Each camera is carefully crafted to suit the consumer’s personal needs. With the latest set of cameras, you can record life events and share them to your friends anywhere you want. Here are the latest features of the Sony HD video camera:


Built-in projector


This allows you to view your home made movies on a bigger and wider screen. Your footage can now be projected on any surface at any time. Its stereo speakers use the Clear Phase technology. This just intensifies the experience.


Double Full HD 3D


Sony is equipped with a dual Full HD sensor. Its camera has a 1920x1080 resolution. This makes your footage bright and clear even if viewed in dimly lit places.


While you are shooting you can also view your image on the camcorders LCD display which is about 3.5 inches without using 3D glasses. Other than the built-in projector, you can view our footages on compatible devices like the Playstation 3, 3D TV’s or just on a 2D TV.


By using the latest technology and innovations, Sony is able to bring us an exceptional experience. Captured images are locked in its pristine digital state so when you view them again, it makes you nostalgic. It evokes emotions and memories. The high definition pictures and great sounds allow you to share your homemade movies to others with pride.


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