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Transcend Information Inc. Is a Taiwanese company focus on manufacturing and distributing memory products. Their product catalogue is really extensive from flash memory cards, hard drives, graphic cards, media players... Is not only located in Taiwan, they also have offices all over the world like in the Us, Germany, UK, India... and was the first company that received the ISO 9001 certification for lifetime.




  They have a clear philosophy when it comes to costumers and manufacturing, and for them is fundamental to have it clear so they can follow a good direction and have the best practices. They follow four guiding principles: Highest quality; this doesn't mean only high quality products, but also hiring the best workers, having the highest standard testings, highest quality costumer services... it applies to every little step of the company. Outstanding customer service would be the second one, the most important part of the company are the customers, this means that how they treat them should be the best way possible with education and integrity, customer satisfaction. Is the goal to reach every single time. Effective business operation, adapting to new markets and technologies constantly so the range of products can grow and satisfy costumer needs. The last one is Win-WinCompany and workers get rewarded by hard and good work, growing and succeeding together with costumers and suppliers is the goal here.




Knowing that trascend is after high quality along with great customer service, you can see that is a reliable and the perfect company to trust to buy memory devices from. At PricePanda you can find most of their products with pricelists so you can compare and get the best price always. Transcend prices are all available at PricePanda from all the online shops in Philippines.