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A diverse brand that has a loyal following, Acer is the fourth largest personal computer vendor in the world. Its roll call of devices include: desktop PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets, and LCD monitors, while it also provides e-business services to consumers and government institutions. See what Acer products can add to your tech catalogue by finding out more on its PricePanda page here.


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Empowering people by breaking down technology barriers: that’s the mission the multinational electronics manufacturer Acer set to itself. With around four decades of experience in the hi-tech communications and devices sector, the Taiwanese-American brand can pride itself of high quality and customers fidelity, which helped them to keep standing up against the rise of competitors like Asus and Lenovo. On this page, you will find all available electronic items from the producer, including successful budget devices and high-end new products, to satisfy all your technological and communication needs. Bring the convenience and affordability of these computers, smartphones, tablets, monitors and much more in your home now.


At the top of the PC market


With a strong, throughout presence in the market, Acer confirmed itself once more in the Top 5 Laptop vendors in the world. And it would not have reached and maintained such result without the support of the customer base, which continuously choose the now classic design of the Aspire series once and once more. First introduced in the 1999, it survived through the Noughties with class, remaining on top during the laptop boom keeping up with innovation, performance and design. Ranging from the most advanced ultrabooks to cheap, very versatile and portable Google Chrome based Chromebooks, everyone will find is portable PC companion in here.


Beyond PCs


The Taipei-based brand went much further than PCs, entering other segments with the right foot. The Iconia tablet series definitely stands out among others, for a level of versatility and portability on both Windows and Android OS that will positively impress you. While the Iconia Tab A & B series are more oriented to the consumer market for home and personal use, the W series is designed for whom wants to make of its tablet an actual alternative to laptops. They are made to follow you wherever you go, to provide you the best of computing performance wherever you are. Also, take a look at all available Liquid smartphone devices. Running on Android, this mobile gadgets represent a very affordable alternative to other high-end phones.


The Taiwan manufacturer also excels in visual equipments, offering a wide choice of flat LED and LCD monitors to work in pair with your desktop PC. With augmented connectivity and versatility, you can transform it in the centre of your multimedia system, so that you can not only operate your computer but also watch TV, HD Blu-Ray and DVD movies all in one sole equipment. And if up to 20 inches are not enough size for you, consider buying one of these projectors and show your pictures and presentations, watch TV series or play video games projecting the images directly on your walls with great image quality and high reliability.


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