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Alcatel: At the Forefront of Communication


The Boulogne-Billancourt, France based company produces products and innovations in IP and cloud networking. It is also known for providing ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access to service providers and their customers, enterprises and institutions throughout the world. The company is one of the world's foremost technology research institute. However, it is their consumer product line that is the most visible to the mass market.


Their mobile products division is a joint venture between the French company and TCL Communication of China. Manufacture and design of products under the One Touch, Pop and Evo lines of mobile communication and computing devices are done under the auspices of the Chinese manufacturer. Their products are engineered with with people's lives in mind. The company strives to bring their consumers satisfaction through their cutting edge technology and customer oriented products designed to meet your needs for communications products that are not only affordable but also performs amazingly.


One Touch: Mobile's Pop Idol


The joint-venture chose to concentrate on markets and territories where their products are in demand. They do not mass produce product with almost similar specification but instead releases a few very good ones. Their smartphones are sold under the One Touch brand. This brand has two popular lines, the Pop and the Idol.


Devices in these lines are built with style and functionality in mind, They are mostly slim, comes in a variety of color, and are packed with some of the most powerful hardware around. They are mostly high-value handset for the mass market. Though mostly known for their good looking handsets, the manufacturer does not compromise on performance. They deliver excellent performance and extreme user friendliness. Their screens are bright and produces vivid images, their cameras comes with above average resolution and are capable of capturing crisp images and selfies. They also come equipped with the latest technologies that will allow you to connect to other appliances. Share file between compatible devices, watch videos from your phone in your widescreen TV, and party via your phone's speakers.


Evo and Pixi: A World of Mobile Creativity Made Stylish


These line of tablets brings many impressive creative tools, including a magnificent 5-inch screen, to a broader, younger (or even older but fashion forward) audience. Devices in these lines come in a variety of bright colors and ergonomic shapes, making them not just attractive but also very comfortable to use. Their tablets are the perfect canvass for capturing flashes of genius on the move. They are responsive, fast, and comes with a handy touch pen to scribble directly on the screen. All recent releases also comes pre-installed with the latest productivity and social networking applications.


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