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Welcome to the ASUS page on PricePanda, where you will find the top products from this Taiwanese manufacturer to suit all your tech needs. Starting out as a humble computer motherboard manufacturer, ASUS now makes products in almost every area of IT, including PC components, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Read up here on the devices from this trusted brand.


ASUS: Affordable Devices with Excellent Quality


This Taiwanese electronics company specializes in the manufacture of consumer electronics which includes desktop PCs, gaming devices, laptops, tablets, computer components like motherboards, and more recently amplifiers. The company's range of portable computers are among the most recognized and among the best in the world, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. Aside from manufacturing quality computing devices, the manufacturer has also branched out into the smartphone market and has produced its own line of mobile devices powered by Google's Android OS.


Top of the Line Mobile Computing and Gaming Products


The company has come a long way since its motherboard and PC component manufacturing days. They have several product ranges for each product type that they develop, manufacture and sell. They still produce components such as monitors, servers, motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, optical disc drives, computer networking devices, computer cases, and cooling systems. Of course their line of tablets, netbooks, notebooks, and Ultrabooks are still more visible and popular than all their other products. Among their most popular product lines are:

  • The NVIDIA GeForce line of silent graphic cards. This line, though not really part of their consumer electronic line has some of the market's best GPU. They are known for their excellent performance and budget friendly prices.
  • The VivoPC line. This range comes without pre-installed Windows operating system, ´making them cheaper than their counterparts and giving users more freedom to choose their OS.
  • The Eee Pad and the Memo Pad tablet ranges. These two line of tablets offers top of the line performance and attractive design all at very low prices.
  • The FonePad, PadFone and Zenfone series of smartphones. The company is newcomer in the mobile phone market, but this did not deter them from producing some of the most innovative products. Their PadFone series is a smartphone-tablet hybrid, one of a kind in the market, while their ZenFone series, is a group of well designed, very powerful phones all at amazingly wallet friendly prices.

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