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The Canadian manufacturer behind the range of BlackBerry phones is also a developer of software applications. It is best known, however, for the BlackBerry mobile device it released in 1999 and which has since sold millions of units by way of its various reincarnations. Nowadays, BlackBerry is still a popular choice for users around the world. This page on PricePanda gives you a breakdown on the BlackBerry products available to you in South East Asia.


RIM aka BlackBerry: Business Approach to Mobile Computing


The canadian producer with eye-catching name, BlackBerry, is at the hearing for several years. Formerly known as Research In Motion or simply RIM, this manufacturer had truly embodied innovations and quality in their devices.


Today the company is still the only one, who offers mobile devices, mostly smartphones but also tablets, providing the business level of hard- and software and design. Convenience, classic but attentive to details style, security and high functionality - these are the main characteristics of any BB product.


Devices with Added Value


In era of touchscreens RIM has not refused its legendary keyboard - it’s still built-in in most of their devices. Being both compact, ergonomic and convenient due to full replica of regular laptop QWERTY keyboards, it has become the symbol of BB and an additional advantage of their smartphones. While touchscreens are not rugged, the keyboard can provide confidence in use.


Another valuable characteristic of BlackBerry handsets is security. Usage of BES and BIS (Blackberry Enterprise and Internet Server) packages allows to have a secured messaging channels through enterprise intranet in the first case or internet otherwise. Other features include tracking using trilateration, TCP/IP connectivity via Mobile Data System (MDS) Connection Service and Triple DES network security with AES encryption. Roughly speaking, whenever and wherever you send a message, you can be sure that nobody except the recipient will get an access to the information in it without your wish.


Additionally, the smartphones are full of apps providing a bunch of advantages for BB users: from BBM (Messenger) to programs adapting Android apps to your phone.


Right Smartphone for Right Person


Despite the fact of following the traditions, RIM is constantly in motion: touchscreen models along with classic QWERTY ones are available to date. The latest and most advanced series include Bold, Z, Curve, Torch and Q.


Bold line is, probably, the most famous one. It consist of keyboard enabled devices that also provide mid-size touchscreen. Very business and stylish, these handsets offer the premium level security and service. The series found its continuation in Q line as well as similar and more affordable models can be found in Curve one. Torch and the new Z lines present touchscreen devices that still is equipped with the best of BlackBerry soft- and hardware.


Today the world is saturated by rumours regarding the new RIM launches. The official announcement confirmed that the company is going to continue work on the QWERTY enabled smartphones. And that can not disappoint: in a world of iPhone replicas to have an alternative device is a real pleasure, especially when it’s made with such an attention to quality and style.


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