Clothing and Fashion: Best prices in Philippines

Clothes: the more the merrier

Clothes, can't do without them, unless you want to be arrested by the MMDA or QC Police (or any district for that matter) for indecent exposure and be labeled as either exhibitionist or wala sa sariling bait. Though not on top of our priorities list, since a good one can last for several years, provided you use a fabric conditioner (Downy or Vernel), wash by hand or use fine wash in your washing machine, they are something we want and lust after. What with all the new fashion being introduced by our soon to be conquerors, the South Koreans. Both men and women aren't immune to the viral illness that is shopping for clothes, online and offline, wholesale (pakyawin na lahat ng kulay ate, pag bagay mangolekta na) and retail.

No matter what your shape is there's one that will flatter your figure!

Worried that it will be difficult to pick the right dress given your body shape? Worry not as we have a wide selection of clothing from coats (hija, walang winter sa atin kaya wag ng mag ambisyon), jeans, short shorts, mini skirts, tank tops, hoodies, sweaters, pullovers and even yoga pants. Are you a little straight? An empire waist or simple A-line skirt or empire cut will work wonders to highlight your assets. Pear shaped? Try open neck and strapless tops and some A-line skirts. Hour glass? Bago ang lahat, hour glass ka ba talaga teh oh nasobrahan lang sa kaning lamig? If the former, wrap dress or adjustable waist ang peg, if the latter, lumunsulta sa pinakamalapit na sastre.

As for guys, don't be confined to hoodies, jeans and pants, why not try our wide selection of casual shorts, walking shorts cargo shorts, board shorts, and dress pants? We also have manly-cardigans jackets from NorthFace, hoodies, as well as work out clothes. Looking for something more specific? Yes, we do have occasional jerseys and we offer free deliver (most of the time, depending on the store and the amount purchased). Looking for a crisp dress shirt, coat, tie, or an entire business suit? We have them too and we made sure we consulted a Project Runway judge before posting them.

Find the best clothes prices online in the Philippines at PricePanda

We've got it all for you, yes, just like SM, but more, because we have upscale designer brands (think: Diesel, Cavalli, BurBerry, Calvin Klein, etc.), mid-range (Levi's, Roxy, Adidas, etc.) to budget (BNY and Divi level). Only here, you don't have to go through crowds and visit store after store looking for that particular piece you are looking for. PricePanda makes shopping for clothes easy with free shipping, return policy, secure payment, and many more.