Clothing Accessories: Best prices in Philippines

When in doubt, accessorize!

Accessories, they can make or break your look, wear too much and you'll end up looking like someone peddling them, wear less and you miss the opportunity of making a simple outfit pop out. Most of you might limit their range to blings and fancy jewelry, but did you know that bags and sunglasses also qualifies? Not to mention hats, be it the mala-telenobelang wide brimmed straw hats or the nagtatago ako effect classic baseball hats. Create stunning styles while maintaining comfort, for instance gloves, mainit sa atin, skip this one unless ang purpose mo is to avoid kalyo. The key to picking the right item to accentuate an outfit is to consider the occasion, the weather, the time, your outfit's level of bongga and if it is age appropriate (ate, kung trenta ka na iwas na ke hello kitty).

Look fabulous from head to toe

So what qualifies as accessories? Let's start with the most common and most useful one, the bag. Bags are a necessity whether you are male or female (yes kuya, there's such a thing as man purse), they keep our valuables and for some they serve as status symbol (*cough Mommy Dionisia *cough). Then we have sunglasses, not only do they make us look cool and mysterious, they also protect our eyes from the scorching tropic sun, just make sure they're polarized and will protect you from UV rays, in short, iwasan ang mumu shades na may grado. Next up are wristwatches, I know we check the time on our smartphones nowadays, but in case you don't want your new iPhone to be snatched, then better check the time on your wrist, they're also good when doing sports and as jewelry for special occasions. Speaking of jewelry, we have jewelry, be it fancy or fashion jewelry or the precious kind, they can make us look elegant and edgy when worn in the right amount and size. Lastly, we have belts, with their original purpose being to keep our trousers or skirts or shorts from falling off, they can also be used to accentuate a maxi-dress or to look like Indiana Jones.

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