Men's Pants: Best prices in Philippines (61 Items found)

Pull Off Your Style With the Perfect Pants

Pants or trousers are style essentials to men’s fashion. Searching for the right pair to suit your lifestyle, occasion, or activity could be challenging, as they suggest much about one’s personality. Sleek and well-ironed pants indicate a sense of formality, while rugged and torn pants spell a carefree attitude or lifestyle.

Top Tips For Choosing Pants

Slacks are best for business, office set-ups, and formal events. Stick to black, gray, and earth tones for the elegant vibe. On casual days, khakis, chinos, corduroys, and jeans work well with with any top. Jogging pants and sweatpants are ideal for outdoor activities and workouts.

Guys should stay away from pleated pants, as they are basically intended for females to make their hips look wider. Thus, wearing them is a major fashion faux pas because these will make them look fat and feminine.

Slim cuts and skinny jeans are fine with guys so long as they aren’t so tight that they keep you from breathing and moving comfortably. Baggy and light-washed jeans are pretty outdated while wearing mid-rise jeans with undies peeking looks uncool. Jeans with darker shades are more trendy in general.

Ideally, the length of pants should reach the ankle. Beyond that could indicate that they’re loose or too long for you. Cuffs and rips may look stylish, but not at all times. Pants also come in a variety of material like cotton, polyester, denim, leather. Some are waterproof or sweat proof, and heat proof with cooling systems.

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