Men's Tops: Best prices in Philippines (45 Items found)

Suit Up or Dress Down, These Men’s Tops are Great for You

Top off your style with the perfect shirts to match whatever mood or event. From plains, plaids, and prints, round or v-necks, collared, cropped, or sleeved tees, a wide selection of tops and polo shirts awaits every guy who wants to get dressed properly for the right occasion. You don’t need to be a metrosexual to look good and acquire taste for suits or dress shirts. Sometimes, all it even takes is a clean and crisp tee shirt that fits your shoulder down to your torso to look sleek and sexy.

Men’s clothing styles differ mainly because of age and lifestyle, but anyone can get creative once in a while with vests, hoodies, sweatshirts, or sleeveless tops. One’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a shirt, polo, singlet, or long sleeves. Get your top half sorted in style for casual walks, outdoor activities, or evening dinners. With a dash of imagination, you can even design your own shirt and personalize it.

Whether they be loose fit, stretch or slim fit, shirts also come in a variety of material like cotton, polyester, fleece, flannel, denim, linen, leather, jersey, twill, silk, suede among others. Textile technology now offers waterproof-sweat proof tops and heat proof shirts with cooling systems, along with odor-free and antimicrobial elements. 

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