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Boots are Made for Walking

They aren't the most practical choice of footwear in our warm and humid climate but still they are popular, what is it with boots and their appeal? When we talk about it we mean those stylish ones other than the rubber ones we usually wear during rainy months, although there are some stylish rubber ones as well such as Wellington's, anyway, what makes women wear this foot warming footwear in the tropics? Perhaps that feeling of being somewhere cold, or maybe capturing that look you saw on the latest issue of Vogue. No matter what the reason is, we are here to help you find your perfect boot sole mate.

A good pair of boots are a winter essential and since we are gob smacked in the middle of the equator, they fulfill the fashion and style side more than the functional part. They're versatile and can be worn with almost anything, they look good on a pair of jeans, they look good in a mini skirt, a dress, heck, there are even some who wears them under their wedding gown. They come in different varieties with some just covering the ankle to those that goes up to your thighs (these type should be worn with caution and should be thought out as they aren't really the most elegant footwear).

Among the more popular types of these shoes in the Philippines are the ankle boots, specially those with high to medium heels. The laced-up ones, biker boots, wedge boots, and the wide calf ones are also becoming more popular especially those made from authentic leather (those with real leather and not synthetic PVC). A lot of girls will even pay premium prices for them. These types of footwear are becoming so popular that even local brands such as Celine (CLN) and Primadonna has been producing more and more styles. Other local favorites such as VNC and Charles and Keith are also catching up but those from MANGO and Zara are still among the most coveted ones. Those and Ugg boots., which are very warm yet so fluffy.

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