Womens Clothing: Best prices in Philippines

Eat, pray, shoe shop

Shoes might not make the woman, but they do lift her sole. Truer words has never been spoken about the female-shoes relationship. They are something most girls can’t get enough off, no matter how much they already own or even when they no longer have enough space to store them. Their appeal to the fairer gender is inexplicable. But perhaps, Manolo blahnik is right when he said "Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis." They are more than just footwear, they are a declaration of style, of emotion, the mood of the person wearing them, and even their personality. They can be practical or fashion forward, elegant to rugged, designer to commercial. The choices are figuratively limitless.

Life is short, heels shouldn't be

Not all of us have the special ability to wear, stand-up, and be able to walk without injuring someone or ourselves in high heels, good thing theres a pethora of other shoe types to choose from! Here are some broad categories:

  • Heels: are classified as any footwear that raises the heels by at least 1.5 inch (kitten heels) to up to several inches high (stiletto, platforms, and wedges). They can be strappy, pumps, close toed, peep-toed, Mary Jane's, etc.
  • Mules: are shoes or slippers with nothing around the heel, ladies simply has to slip their feet in and they're good to go.
  • Slingbacks: are, as the name suggests, shoes with slings/straps behind the heels rather than over the top of the foot.
  • Ballet flats: are a favorite among Pinays and are also known as ballerinas, ballet pumps, or simply flats. These type are perfect for our warm weather and are very comfortable.
  • Sneakers/rubber shoes/trainers/running shoes: this type ranges from the signature Vans and Converse look to the sporty comfort and function offered by Nike and Adidas.

Aside from the type or style, ladies should also consider comfort and functionality. Tiis ganda might be the case for some but remember, your feet are irreplaceable. When it's raining and flooding outside, please resist the urge to wear those new Louboutin platforms and go for rubber boots or Wellingtons for a more posh feel. Flip-flops are also perfect for everyday wear and Havaianas, Ipanema and Lacoste have an excellent selection of them (unless of course you are a fan of Spartan then go ahead, we support you). Going for a run? May we suggest wearing running shoes as other trainers aren't equipped to protect your feet for a specific activity if they weren#t designed for such (hindi porke't rubber and shoes pwede ng pang jogging).

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