Women Fitness Clothing: Best prices in Philippines (49 Items found)

Get Fit And Fab With Women’s Fitness Apparel

Functionality takes precedence over fashion with fitness clothes. To look sleek and stylish while sweating must be the least of your concerns when hitting the gym or getting into sports. Searching for the proper attire is crucial. The more comfortable and durable the clothes, the better the workout results.

Getting dressed for the gym or sports requires a bit of research on the right garments to wear. Trendy or casual clothes and denims are sloppy choices when working out as they may get you injured with bumps and bruises. Gym or yoga pants with a flare at the bottom are ideal. Sleeveless tops are best, although sleeved breathable fabrics would be great for outdoors. Investing in a sports bra is a necessity to keep your breasts from moving around too much. Dark colors will make you look slender and svelte while bright colors boost one’s energy for training. Wearing the right sneakers is important especially when carrying weights or doing cardio exercises.

Fabric Matters

Breathable cotton fabrics are practical choices as they are healthy on the skin. Clothes made of polyesters are also excellent for those on the budget. Both fabrics are easy to wash and to dry thus ideal for training and workouts.

Spandex are great innovations in textile technology for the slim or stretch-fit. It’s practically used in almost all sportswear and shapewear from cycling shorts, swimming trunks, wetsuits, sculpting shirts, to even undergarments. They’re relatively pricey, but are very comfortable on skin.

Waterproof, sweatproof materials are now available in the market, as well as heat proof apparel with cooling systems. Antimicrobial technology help stop bacteria build up in clothes keeping them odor-free.

Buy Fitness Clothes Online

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