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Keep Your PC Looking Great and Fully Protected 

A computer case, also known as a computer chassis is designed to hold and protect some of the most essential parts of a computer such as the motherboard, hard drive, graphics card and the processor. In the past, computer cases were designed with merely the protecting and housing of the integral hardware in mind. However today’s enclosures are available in a variety of designs based on the needs of system builders and gaming desktop enthusiasts. Computer cases are made of three kinds of material - plastic, steel or aluminum. These are highly configurable cases, which allow further modification by the user for an endless possibility of hardware combinations and aesthetics. Modern computer enclosures can easily be sorted by size or application, and cater to all possible user preferences in terms of size or usage.

Quiet/Silent Cases

This computer chassis is primarily designed to reduce the ambient noise released by the hardware housed within. The most prominent feature of this design is its usage of acoustic or dampening foam to minimize any perceivable sounds as much as possible. Silent cases also feature anti-vibration mounts and grommets to further reduce the noise released by hard disks and case mounted fans as they spin. Notable design elements for this case are its minimalistic design, which sports clear continuous surfaces with no visible elaborate art.

Compact Cases 

As technology paves the way for PC components to be both powerful and compact, a new breed of small computers was born. Home Theater PCs (HTPCs) and Small Form Factor computers are very small, portable units that have the capabilities of standard size PCs minus the size. They make good media centers for the living room, and excellent desktop units for those with minimal space to spare. Before, you can only have a small form factor computer by purchasing a pre-built model. Now, There is a large selection of barebones systems, as well as cases for small form factor computers. Known case brands such as Silverstone and Lian Li are leading the trend in small form factor computing.

Tower Cases

A tower case is designed to sit vertically and take up as little space as possible. This case has been the standard form factor of computers for a long time because it is easy to assemble, and has enough space for various computer parts without cluttering or causing cooling issues. They are cheaper because of their mass market appeal, and also come in various sizes ranging from the small form factor up to the full tower chassis size. The mid-tower cases can adequately support high performance hardware, but if you would prefer to go extreme, a full tower case would be the best choice. Bitfenix makes colossal tower cases, perfect for building the ultimate gaming desktop or as a massive data center or server.

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