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Gaming Controllers: Putting Control into Gamers Hands

Throughout the history of video games, one of the most important aspects of the gaming console is its interface device. This piece of hardware allows you to interact with the game. It is also the device that you interact with the most. Serious gamers spend hours learning the intricacies of this device such as the location of its various buttons, the distance between them, the most efficient handling, the art of pressing each button to achieve whatever effect they are aiming for. Using it can be frustrating at times. When used correctly, it can provide the most immersing experience, giving gamers full control of the game.

Variants and Console Specific Models

Since its humble beginnings, this gaming device has since evolved into different forms and functions which includes, but are not limited to: the JoyStick, the trackball, the throttle quadrant, the steering wheel, the yoke, the pedals, the touch screen, the keyboard and mouse, the gamepad, the paddle, the light gun, motion sensing, and rhythm controllers like those found in RockBand and Guitar Hero. Other specialized variants include pinball, dance pads for dance revolution and other fitness games, balance board, buzzers, NeGcon, Microphone, Steel Battalion, Fishing Rod, Floating Interactive Display, PCGamerBike, Optical Motion Tracking, instrument panel, robotic operating buddy, and last, but definitely not the least-Sega's Toylet.

Several companies specializes on these devices with Razer being a pure gaming manufacturer and Logitech, a company known for quality keyboards and mice producing some of the more outstanding models. However, three devices stands out from the rest as they are specially designed for the top three consoles in the market right now: The Xbox controller, PlayStation's DualShock, and Nintendo Wii's Remote and Nunchucks. Each one is made to specially suit some type of games.

  • Razer: Razer devices are designed specially for PC gamers. They boast of customizable buttons that can give you an unfair advantage. They also developed the world's first gaming-grade motion sensing controller for the PC, capable of one-to-one motion tracking for an entirely new way to experience your games
  • PlayStation's DualShock: Comes with a built-in two-point capacitive touch pad on the front of the controller, which can be clicked. The controller supports motion detection via a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer and vibration.
  • Xbox: This device features dual vibration motors, two analog sticks, a pressure sensitive directional pad, two analog triggers, a back button, a start button, two accessory slots, and six 8-bit analog action buttons.
  • Wii Nunchucks/Remote: Are designed to make motion sensitivity more intuitive and appealing to even non-gamers. The Nunchuks and the MotionPlus are the more popular variants.

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