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For a Cost-efficient Studio Setup

PricePanda can help you set up a studio with basic audio equipment for your band’s rehearsals, voice overs, song recordings, and audio mixing. You will need microphones, mic stands, headphones, studio monitors, and acoustic treatment materials for better audio quality. There are computer-based recording units that offer a variety of effects and features, and you can easily connect them into a computer. Some would go for hardware-based recording units but these require a more complicated studio setup where you have to consult an audio engineer. Feel free to check our best offers on our top products like the Pyle PWMA330 portable speaker system and the PDJ Portable DJ pad.

You can also turn your studio into a photography studio. With the right studio lighting system, you can turn small-budget projects into a magazine-grade photography. For a basic setup, you will need a softbox (to distribute soft and even light), a spotlight (to give direct or background lighting), an umbrella with a keylight (to accentuate parts of the subject), and reflectors (to light up dark areas that would be difficult for a spot or softbox to reach).

Find the Best Studio and Stage Equipment at PricePanda

Want to have the best ensemble of stage and studio equipment at the lowest possible cost? Our reputable online retail partners have the best product offers on amplifiers, microphones, effects machines, and more. You can also find high-quality audio and video cables and accessories for studio and stage lighting such as those from the trusted brand Elinchrom. You can compare their prices and features to see the best online deal that will meet your budget. Manufactured by the leading players in the industry (Pioneer, Vestax, Zoom, Pyle, and Behringer), our products will surely amplify your studio, making it the go-to place for musical recordings, photos, or video shoots. Don’t forget to bookmark PricePanda, and to visit us regularly for updates on your favorite products and their prices. Stay connected by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter!