Music keyboards: Best prices in Philippines (36 Items found)

Keyboards for Everyone

Playing music is quite an expensive hobby, but there are ways to go about it like practicing first on keyboards instead of getting a grand pianoforte right away. Today’s technology has found its way to incorporate computer features to the old, stationary piano. That is why we now have portable keyboards. When choosing a keyboard, look for a unit that has a disk drive, a headphone socket, advanced interface and controls, and USB connectivity.

PricePanda has a good lineup of keyboards and keyboard accessories from trusted brands like Yamaha, Casio, IK, Davis, Medeli, and Roland for both beginners and professionals. Feel free to check our best offers on our top products like the Yamaha PSR 243 portable keyboard, which is ideal for neophyte players.

Casual players who have a passion for song-writing and want to record their compositions can opt for the Casio high-grade keyboard CTK-6250 or the Roland A-300Pro Midi keyboard controller. For the best playing experience, you can also pair your choice of keyboards with our one-of-a-kind Nanoblock Synthesizer. It is better if you set your keyboard on a keyboard stand as this will help you play comfortably. You can also get a bag case to protect your keyboard when you’re traveling or going to gigs.

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For more options, you may also browse through our collection of percussions, guitars, violins, cellos, saxophones, and even studio and stage equipment for big performances. You can also compare prices from our network of reputable online retailers as we help you find the best instrument that you need at the best price. Don’t forget to bookmark PricePanda, and to visit us regularly for updates on your favorite products and their prices. Stay connected by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter!