MP3 and Media Players: Best prices in Philippines (51 Items found)

Media players: What does it account for?

The media player is a device that reproduces audio or video digital records, they are mainly divided into Mp3 Players and DVD players, and the different kinds and brands will be shown in our page so that you can select the one more adjusted to your liking.

Mp3 or Mp4?


These media devices store, organize and reproduce video, audio and images. Mp3 was called like this because it reproduces mp3 format. On the other hand, the name Mp4 was introduced as a marketing strategy as the increase in the number should state an improved generation, but they reproduce different audio and video formats depending on the manufacturer and not necessarily mp4.


Choose your favourite MP3 player from the wide rage offered in our page, as it is exposed, you will find different types depending on how do you want to use your music tool. Among the Apple family you can find from the small iPod Shuffle with a clip to wear it while practising sports to the iPod Touch's touch screen that will give you the best music being able to select it in a wide screen. Outside the Apple lovers world, there are other brands like Samsung or Philips offer also high quality products with a medium size at a decent price.


DVD Players: The comfortable solution to enjoy at home


This appliance reproduces video & audio discs, which accounts for both CDs and DVDs. Connect your player to your favourite TV and enjoy from your recorded films, series, documentaries, videos and images without having to follow the annoying TV schedule. Skip ads and take control of what you watch by buying your own DVD player.


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From the audio and video set offered by PricePanda Philippines, you will be able to play your favourite songs anywhere you want or watch the best quality videos at your beloved TV screen. Do not miss the chance that we give you, the best selected products and the comparison of their prices at a glance so that you do not overpay. PricePanda, redefining online buying.