TV and Video: Best prices in Philippines

The perfect home enterntainment system

For an enhanced movie watching experience right in your living room, you can bring home the best TV and DVD players that are available in the market today. There are plenty of them that are being sold at attractive prices to suit your requirements and most importantly budget. There are audio speakers of various brands with differing specifications to offer the best quality sound. This article covers some of the top selling TV models, audio speakers and DVD players and MP3 players that are available in the market along with their distinguishing features.

The TV set; a centerpiece of the living room

First in the lot of awe-inspiring electronics are TV sets. There are a lot of TV sets to choose from and they mainly differ in the display technology that they use; whether it is an LCD TV, LED TV or a Plasma Tv. Regardless of the technology behind it, the image quality will always satisfy the viewers. Some of the most popular manufacturers of TV sets are Samsung TV, LG Tv and Sony TV.

Popular MP3 players

For music on the go, nothing beats a good MP3 player to carry your songs. Some of the most popular brands of MP3 players are of course Apple's legendary iPod line of MP3 players, but also some other big manufacturers like Pioneer and Samsung. The best MP3 players are the ones that deliver quality sound and are compatible with a variety of headphones.

Blu-ray Players

The cool new Blu-ray player by Sony has a built-in Wi-Fi and a striking user interface. Another remarkable feature of this Blu-ray player is its enormous up scaling capacity. The Panasonic's Blu-ray player does not stand far behind either. With excellent streaming-media features and a striking design, these are definitely recommended.

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