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Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, festivities, holidays, and all the special occasions with some of the best sparkling wines from top brands such as Torres, Lindemans, Vega Sicilia, Cono Sur, Campo Viejo, Château Lavagnac, Moutai, Zonin, Royal Tokaji, and many more with PricePanda. We guide you to the best wine deals on the world’s finest bottled stars, from wines, to liquors and beers.

PricePanda provides a wide variety of wines to choose from. Select bottles from our extensive collection of red wine, white wine, rose wine, fortified wine, rieslings, and champagnes. Each type has a distinct level of sweetness which depends on what ingredients are used and also on how long and what fermentation process the grapes underwent.

If you are passionate about food, while at the same time want to try pairing them with a glass of wine, you just need to remember a few tried and tested rules. Champagnes pair perfectly with anything salty. Whether you are digging in some potato wedges, pretzels, tortilla chips, or some seafood like prawns and baked mussels, drinking champagne adds a touch of sweetness to your meals. In general, there is also the tradition that red wine with meat is a good combination, while white wine is for fish. Whether these traditions are true or there are notable exceptions are things you can check out and experience for yourself.


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