Fragrances, Perfumes and Colognes: Best prices in Philippines

Perfumes and our Pursuit of Smelling Good and Feeling Great

Pinoy’s are very particular when it comes to hygiene and we try to shower as often as we are permitted to. We like to smell clean and fresh, we want this smell of freshness and pleasantness to last, that is why we turn to perfumes, fragrances, and colognes. Today’s range of perfumes and fragrances from a variety of designer brands and labels give people endless possibilities to pick their favorite scent and pick the scent that compliments their body chemistry. Choosing perfumes also depends on individual preferences and desires. Some like fresh and fruity scents, whereas some prefer deep wooden scents or the scent of the ocean’s breeze, some likes their perfume strong and will last the entire day, while some settles for just a hint of fresh scent.

Perfumes and Fragrance Notes

Perfume scents are described as having three sets of “notes” that makes a harmonious accord. The notes of a perfume unfold over time, the first scent impression is referred to as the “top note”. A perfume’s top note are the scents that are immediately perceived on application (i.e. Is that a kalachuchi scented perfume you’re wearing?). The deeper scent that follows the top note is referred to as the middle note, middle notes are scents that emerges just prior to dissipation of the top note (i.e. Is that a kalachuchi scented perfume you’re wearing? Oh wait, now I smell Sampaguita.). The scent of the perfume that appears after the middle note dissipates is called the base note. Base notes brings depth and solidarity to a perfume and together with the middle note comprise the theme of a perfume (i.e. Is that a kalachuchi scented perfume you’re wearing? Oh wait, now I smell Sampaguita, are you wearing a sampaguita-kalamansi perfume? I love it.)

Some of the Most Loved Perfumes in the Philippines

The market is rich with all sorts of perfumes and fragrances both for him and for her, and in different variations, sizes and scents. Among Pinoy favorites are: Chanel, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Bvlgari, Lacoste and Victoria’s Secret Perfumes.

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