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The Rise of Unisex Cologne

The market for perfumes had an unexpected turn when unisex colognes were introduced to consumers. Gender-stereotypes on fragrances were suddenly abolished. No more floral scents for women and musky scents for men. Perfumists have fused them all together, creating a unique blend for everyone to enjoy.

The best line of fragrances currently available in the market is of course owned by top-tier brands such as Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, and Dior, and is offered as either eau de toilette or parfum. The unpredictability of unisex colognes adds more value to those who wear it. It’s got more mystery and spunk, sophistication and rebellion, gentleness and appeal. These androgynous scents signal the birth of a new cultural and social revolution. 

But no matter how big this change is in the world of perfume, the standard in choosing the best perfume remains the same. Yes, a particular scent implies a certain type of personality, but it has some limitations as well. A perfume has to match your natural body scent. Get a test spray, run it on your skin and let it stay for a few hours. You’ll know that it blends well with your body chemistry if it didn’t create an awful smell after. You should also make sure that you don’t have any allergies which may be triggered by certain ingredients used in the perfume.

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